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6 Best Backless Booster Seats – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Did you know that backless boosters decrease the risk of injury in the event of an accident? That’s why you need the best backless booster seat on the market. We’re here to help you find the safety seating you need for your child.

Backless boosters are cushions that replace traditional child car seats. They’re used for older children between four and 12 years old. These car cushions are bottom seats that raise the height of your child in the car, so the seatbelt gives optimal protection for your little one.

Buying a high-quality backless booster is crucial for durability and comfort. We’ve provided six backless booster seat reviews to assist you with your buying decision. At the bottom of our article, you’ll find a buyer’s guide so you can purchase a seat ideal for your child’s weight and stature.

Continue reading our article to find out more about backless booster car seats and why they’re important.

Best Backless Booster Reviews

1. Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat

Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car SeatThe Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster car seat comes with some convenient extra features your child will love. There are two cup holders on the sides of the seat so your child has easy access to his or her drink. Children also need comfort. That’s why this backless booster design has soft cushioned armrests.

Chicco made it effortless to install the GoFit Plus backless booster. It has a quick discharge latch system ideal for an emergency release. The latch keeps the seat stabilized while the child climbs in and out of the chair. The integrated handles make it convenient to carry.

It has a contoured Ergoboost seat with double-foam padding and it’s covered with machine-washable fabric so it’s easy to keep clean.

This is one of the more expensive units around, but you’re making a long-term investment because it’s designed for children four years and older weighing 40lbs or more. You’ll be able to use for a considerable time.

2. Graco TurboBooster LX Backless Booster Car Seat

Graco TurboBooster LX Backless Booster Car SeatAn important aspect that a high-end backless booster must have is a proper installation system. Fortunately, the Garco TurboBooster LX has an AFFIX latch system to secure the seat in place. The quick latch system is an added emergency feature when you need to remove your child from the car fast.

The design of the Garco TurboBooster LX was generally done with your child’s comfort in mind. The seat area has contours that aren’t always ideal for kids of all ages. But there are soft armrests on the sides as well as a convenient cup holder. Use the compartment on the side of the seat to conveniently store small items such as sunglasses or lotion.

Garco’s TurboBooster LX has soft comfortable padding and it’s covered in fabrics that are gentle on the skin. The fabric can be removed easily and it’s machine washable so it’s easy to maintain the backless booster seat. Metal and plastic parts of the seat must be wiped down with a damp cloth and that’s also easy enough maintenance in our books.

3. Diono Solana 2 Backless Booster Seat

Diono Solana 2 Backless Booster SeatThe Diono Solana 2 backless Booster is a buckle friendly seat. This booster cushion raises your child enough to provide secure and comfortable seatbelt holding. The vehicle’s seatbelt will be directly over your child’s chest instead of around the neck.

Diono Solana 2 is a convenient safety seating system for parents too because it’s effortless to install thanks to the integrated latch connectors. The backless seat booster is lightweight and has carry handles for transportation.

The Diono Solana 2 backless booster seat has soft armrests and two cup holders. Diono Solana only uses the finest quality fabrics for its backless boosters so it won’t chafe your child’s skin. Fabric can be removed and it’s machine washable.

It’s advised that you use warm soapy water to wipe down the plastic parts of the seat to prevent wear. Overall it’s a sturdy backless booster seat that won’t shift around when your child climbs into the chair or when you’re driving.

4. Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat

Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car SeatThe Cosco Topside backless booster car seat has a streamlined design. It’s compact so it doesn’t take up space in your car but it’s also big enough to accommodate a growing child. This booster seat gives your child the height he or she needs to keep the seatbelt in the correct position.

Cosco’s Topside booster car seat has extra plush padding for comfort. The fabric is gentle on the skin so it won’t cause chafing. This backless car booster seat has a pair of armrests so your child can sit back and relax during car rides.

Unfortunately, the Cosco Topside doesn’t come with cup holders or a quick latch system to secure the seat. It’s simply a seat booster so it might move around when you’re driving. But this product still is high enough for proper seatbelt positioning, which is one of the main priorities, right?

The fabric can be removed and it’s hand-washable for easy maintenance.

5. KidsEmbrace Backless Booster Car Seat

KidsEmbrace Backless Booster Car SeatKids love novelty items from their favorite movies and cartoons. That’s why KidsEmbrace designed this backless booster with a Spider-Man print. Apart from the aesthetics of this seat, it provides optimal safety by raising children so seatbelts are positioned across their chests.

The KidsEmbrace backless booster seat has an integrated belt positioning clip to easily adjust the seatbelt according to your child’s size. This booster seat has polyurethane foam to add soft cushioning. It comes with a cup holder to store beverages, toys, and snacks.

There are armrests so your child can sit comfortably and they have proper cushioning.

Maintaining the KidsEmbrace backless booster is easy because the cover can be removed and it’s machine washable. Wipe the plastic components down with a damp cloth. This backless seat booster would be even better with a proper latch system that prevents unnecessary movement. But don’t worry, this one won’t scuff your original car seats.

6. Evenflo AMP Select Car Booster Seat

Evenflo AMP Select Car Booster SeatThe Evenflo AMP Select booster seat provides the height your child needs to rest comfortably against the car’s actual back and headrest. It’s designed so the car’s seatbelt rests over your child’s chest instead of his or her neck.

This backless booster seat is perfect for long-distance traveling because of the extra contoured cushioning it has. The armrests are padded to prevent joint discomfort. There are cup holders on the sides of the seat so children can access beverages easily. Some parents prefer cup holders as part of armrests, but this is a matter or preference. And don’t pull too hard on the elastic or it will stretch out over time.

Evenflo AMP manufactures its backless booster seats in a variety of funky designs. The cover can be removed and the fabric is machine washable so it’s easy to keep the seat clean.

This model has been crash tested and is guaranteed to adhere to federal crash test standards.

Best Backless Booster Seats

Backless Booster Seat Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase your backless booster seat, take a look at the following buyer’s guide. In this section, we’ll be going through important features, specifications, and questions people often ask about backless boosters.

The buyer’s guide gives you in-depth information about backless boosters to assist you with your purchase decision.

4 Considerations When Buying a Backless Booster Seat

Before buying your backless booster consider the following, so you buy what will give you the best value for money.

  1. How do You Know if a Backless Booster is Safe?

    Backless boosters optimize the safety of your child by raising him or her to a level for proper seatbelt positioning. Still, you must ensure that the booster seat is compliant with American safety legislation and US design safety standards.
    The only way to know if the booster seat you’re buying is safe for your child is to check its certifications. Regardless of what backless booster brand you purchase, ensure it adheres to federal safety standards (FMVSS 213).
    Manufacturers typically use third party companies to certify their boosters and this can be a lengthy process. If the product is certified, have peace of mind that it’s been crash tested to meet American safety standards.

  2. What Weight Capacity do You Require?

    Backless boosters are designed for children aged between four and 12 years old. Children between these ages typically weigh between 40lbs and 120lbs. That’s why most backless boosters have a weight capacity between 40lbs and 120lbs.
    Simply weigh your child before buying a backless booster so you purchase a product that can accommodate his or her weight. This will prevent unnecessary wear on the backless booster seat AND ensure safety.

  3. Is it a Car Friendly Seat?

    Maintaining the value of your vehicle is highly important. Therefore you don’t want to purchase products that could potentially damage the interior of your car.
    Low-end backless boosters have bases that damage car seats. High-quality backless boosters are made with materials that won’t scuff, tear, or tarnish the seats inside your vehicle. So, when you buy your backless booster seat, ensure that it has a non-scuff base.

  4. Do You Need Unique Features Such as Storage Compartments?

    A compartment on a backless booster isn’t a necessity but it can be useful. When cup holders are occupied by beverages and snacks, compartments can be used to store accessories & toys. Ensure the compartment is big enough to store important items YOU need to put away, whether it’s lotions, chapstick, tissues, or your kid’s medicine.

backless booster seat buying guide

7 Most Important Backless Booster Seat Features & Specifications

Features of a backless booster seat provide comfort and convenience while the specifications cater to safety requirements. Take a look at the list of important features and specifications in this next section. You may find something you didn’t know to look for before your purchase.

  1. Fabric Type

    There are various fabrics used to cover backless booster cushions. The most common types of fabric are made from plastic, cotton, and polyester.

    • Plastic covered backless boosters:

      These booster seats are easier to clean but they don’t provide comfort. Wicking is impossible with plastic covers so it may cause legs to sweat. Furthermore, plastic isn’t durable and may crack or tarnish over time. A plastic cover may chafe the skin and cause rashes.

    • Cotton covered backless boosters:

      Cotton is a durable fabric and it’s quite gentle on the skin. They come in a variety of textures for comfort and style. These backless booster covers are easy to clean if the cover can be removed from the seat.

    • Polyester covered backless booster:

      Fabric made from polyester is denser and heavier than cotton. It’s not as breathable or cool as natural cotton and it stains easily. However, polyester is highly durable and can withstand harsh elements.

    Another feature to consider is if the fabric cover can be removed from the seat. You want a product that’s easy to maintain. Therefore a removable booster seat cover is what is required if you want to wash it when it gets dirty. Most removable seat covers are machine washable.

  2. Cup Holders

    Backless booster car seats aren’t simply to provide extra safety for your child but also to provide convenience during long trips. A cup holder or two is a feature that will definitely make long-distance road trips more fun for your little one.

    Cup holders are placed on the sides of the backless booster. These compartments allow your child to have quick access to beverages when he or she is thirsty. Some backless boosters come with one cup holder while other designs have two. These fixtures are typically made from durable plastic.

    Use backless booster cup holders to store other small items such as toys, snacks or accessories.

  3. Attachment and Release Clips

    There are brands that make backless boosters with quick attach and release clips. These clips are designed to attach the backless booster to your car seat for stability. It’s crucial that these clips have a quick-release feature to remove the seat and your child from the car in case of an emergency.

  4. Arm Rests

    Not all backless booster seats have armrests but the ones that do provide comfortable rests for your child’s arms. These armrests should be soft to prevent joint discomfort and long enough to accommodate the length of your child’s arms.
    Armrests are not a safety feature on a backless booster but they do prevent your child from shifting off of the seat when you’re fastening the seatbelt.

  5. Seating Dimensions

    The seating dimensions must be wide enough to accommodate your child and enough height so the seatbelt rests over your child’s chest and not around the neck. At the same time it needs to fit your car’s back seat.
    To determine the height of the booster you require, allow your child to sit on a few pillows. Check the following when measuring height:

    • Your child’s head is the same height as the car seat headrest
    • The lap portion of the seatbelt rests across your child’s upper thighs
    • Shoulder belt sits at mid-shoulder

    Now measure the height of the pillows you used to help you find a backless booster with the correct dimensions.

  6. Padding

    Some backless boosters have integrated memory foam that’s soft yet sturdy to sit on. Memory foam doesn’t lose its shape over time and it’s comfortable.

    Other backless boosters are made with polyurethane foam which is denser and more durable than other products. It’s also flexible and used in a wide variety of seating for children & adults.

    Helpful note: you can consider these same aspects if you’re shopping for the best car seat cushion for you or bigger children.

  7. Materials Used for Other Booster Seat Components

    There are other components of the backless booster seat that are made with various materials:

    • Hard plastic is used to make cup holders and compartments.
    • Durable wood or plastic is used to make armrests.
    • Attachment straps are made with woven nylon, polypropylene or polyester.
    • Clips will either be made with durable plastic or with stainless steel.

    The quality of all these components determines safety and comfort, so compare specs in detail before buying.

backless booster seat features

What are Backless Booster Seats?

As mentioned before backless booster seats replace traditional car seats. They don’t come with a backrest, sides, or a harness. It’s simply a cushion to raise your child further from the car seat. Here’s some additional information on backless booster seats.

  • Provides extra comfort
  • Improves your child’s posture
  • Children are 45% less likely to suffer injury in an accident
  • Some have built-in seatbelts designed for children
  • They’re made with soft materials
  • Backless boosters are affordable

How Safe Are Backless Booster Seats?

American legislations state that all children must be seated in a booster until they reach the age of 12 years old. Since the car safety laws changed in 2006 backless boosters have become the preferred choice for many parents.

Backless boosters are cheap, easy to install and provide the height your child needs to be strapped in properly. But are they safe? The short answer is, yes! But you must check if the backless booster is certified. As mentioned before, certified backless boosters have been crash tested to ensure safety.

What Kind of Protection do Backless Booster Seats Offer?

Booster cushions are used to raise your child so he or she can use adult car seatbelts. It’s the vehicle’s seatbelt that protects the child in the case of accidents.

We’ve mentioned throughout this article that the strap must be positioned across your child’s chest. The lower seatbelt must lie flat across the upper thighs. This is what protects your child from injury during an accident. That’s why it’s important to ensure the booster seat is high enough.

Furthermore, the booster cushion allows the seatbelt to be adjusted correctly to optimize the safety of your child.

While on the subject of safety, don’t forget to check the car seat cover buying guide to help you find car extras, such as seat covers, that offer safety in all aspects. Only purchase non-toxic fabrics so you don’t inadvertently cause skin irritations or spark allergies with your new car accessories.

4 Backless Booster Seat Myths

There are some backless booster seat myths that have been circling online. Let’s go through four of the most common myths so we can debunk them.

  1. Meeting the Weight and Height Requirements is Enough
    The first myth states that a child can utilize a backless booster if he or she meets the height and weight requirements. This is a serious mistake because your child has to be the correct age too. Children of three years of age and younger should never be placed on a backless booster.
    Ensure your child is between the ages of four and 12 years old before placing them on a backless booster seat.
  2. My Child is Too Big for a Booster Seat
    Even if your child is tall and weighs more than most other kids his or her age, if they’re below the age of 12, place them in a booster. You’ll be going against American car safety laws if you don’t. You may even receive a fine if your child isn’t placed in the correct booster.
  3. A High Back Booster is Safer than a Backless One
    High back boosters have integrated harness and side protections. But backless boosters can reduce injury too. Both products are effective and have been tested to ensure the safety of your child.
  4. Booster Seats Don’t Need to Be Replaced After an Accident
    If you’ve had an accident your backless booster cushion must be replaced with a new one. Even if there are no signs of damage to the backless booster you must still replace it.

Backless Booster Seat Laws

Child backless booster seat laws changed in 2017 and many people are still confused by the requirements they must adhere to. These laws stopped backless booster manufacturers from making seats for children shorter than 49 inches tall or weighing less than 48lbs.

So, when you purchase a backless booster it must accommodate children between 40lbs and 120lbs. During car drives, all children under the age of 12 must be seated in a booster.

Babies and toddlers must be seated in a high back booster with a harness. Children aged between four and 12 years old must use a backless cushion to be strapped in properly. Also, note your child must be seated at the back until he or she reaches the age of 13.

If your child hasn’t reached the height or weight standards of a backless booster, use a high backrest car chair. Take a look at high back booster reviews to find a safe and comfortable product for your child.
backless booster seat reviews

FAQ & Answers

  • Q: Is it illegal to use a backless booster cushion?
    A: Backless booster seats are legal as long as you adhere to American child restraint safety legislations. Your backless booster must be crash tested and certified for it to be legal to use.
  • Q: Must a backless booster seat be anchored?
    A: Some booster seats come with straps and latches to attach the cushion to the car chair. But it’s not illegal if you don’t do this. It’s simply to stop the chair from moving when your child climbs onto the backless booster cushion.
  • Q: Are there other straps on a booster seat?
    A: Yes, some booster seats come with an extra strap called a shoulder belt positioning clip. This strap is used to keep the shoulder belt in the correct position while your child is in the seat.

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Wrap Up

When driving the safety of your child is your main priority. That’s why it’s important that you purchase the best backless booster seat on the market. Premium booster seats are certified and they provide the comfort & protection your child requires.

If you want your child to have fun car rides, purchase a backless booster with compartments and cup holders. These features add convenience so your child has easy access to snacks, beverages, and toys. You’ll be glad you purchased a product with extra features because they make car rides more entertaining, so there will be less complaining from the back seat and you can keep concentrating on the road.

Did our buyer’s guide help you select the ideal car safety seating for your child? Pick one of the products on our list of backless booster seat reviews so you can have peace of mind about your child during each drive.

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