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6 Best Car Floor Mats – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Adding up the hours, an average American spends as much as 18 days a year driving. Also, these pieces of metal keep you safe. Shouldn’t you take extreme care of such an important asset in your life? That makes car accessories such as the best car floor mat a smart investment. It ensures your vehicle can serve you well AND retain its resale value.

We’re making it easier for you to look after your car by helping to solve one maintenance aspect: keeping your car’s floors good as new. You step on them each time you get inside, so you know they need protection against moisture, mud and friction to prevent fabric ruin & bad odors. A quality floor mat can do this, while also giving the driver much needed traction between shoe and floor.

Our car floor mat reviews will show you what to invest in to protect your vehicle’s floor from now on, so keep reading. We did the research, so you simply pick the ones most appropriate for your ride.

Best Car Floor Mat Reviews

1. Motor Trend MT-923-BK Black FlexTough Contour Liners

Motor Trend MT 923 BK Black Rubber Floor MatsFrom Motor Trend you get car floor mats that you can order in one of five different colors. That’s good news if you’re a driver that’s particular about the aesthetics of your car.

The brand didn’t forget about the practical aspect of the mats because they’re made of rubber polymers that won’t easily deteriorate. The recessed design prevents moisture from running into your car and the rubber is easy to clean with a quick water rinse.

Front mats measure 31.5” x 22.5” and the ones for the back are 58”x 18”. Some consumers find it difficult to customize them according to their cars’ layout but usually the grooves are appropriate guides to trim them down. You can even divide the rear one into two separate units if it makes it easier to find a snug fit.

On the bottom you’ll find rubber nibs that help keep the mat in place and the top has various grooves to ensure traction for the driver.

2. FH Group Red F11311RED Rubber Floor Mat

FH Group F11311RED Red Rubber Floor MatWhen aesthetics really matter you’ll appreciate this wide range from FH Group which gives you 11 different options. Some have brightly colored sections that can add some character to the inside of your car.

It’s designed as a universal fit, measuring 27.5” x 20” for the front mats and 13” x 17” for the rear units. As stated by the brand, these are ‘semi-custom made’. You can cut these down to match your car’s layout, but just know that you’ll sacrifice some of the grooves that help keep moisture from spreading. But a good fit is better than having the mat bulge on one side, so we feel it’s best to cut to size. And these cut easy!

Note that these mats do have a slight odor when you first unwrap them. Luckily the smell can dissipate within a day. Simply leave them in the open for a few hours before placing them in your car.

3. BDK MT654PLUS Black Heavy Duty 4pc Front & Rear Rubber Floor Mats

BDK MT654PLUS Black Front & Rear Rubber Floor MatsHere is another brand that gives you a few colors to pick from. Whether you prefer black, brown or gray, you’re catered for. The brand even has a transparent version for a retro feel.

These measure 28”x 18” for the front units and 16.5” x 18” at the back. The design includes a ridge that keeps moisture from escaping and you can trim away sections to get an appropriate fit without losing benefits of this ridge. The rear mats may be a bit small for some vehicles but they lie flat without you trimming them and they’ll protect the most used section of the floor.

This set was designed with extreme temperatures in mind, so try them out whether you live in a cold or hot climate. Unfortunately, you’re bound to smell a strong rubbery odor when you first receive them. Don’t despair; a good wash with soapy water usually takes care of that challenge.

4. Husky Liners 94041 Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Mats

Husky Liners 94051 Black Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor MatsIf you’re all about having customized solutions and you don’t want to spend time trimming your new floor mats, try the Weatherbeater range. Husky Liners uses lasers and high tech processes to create floor mats that fit exactly to a specific car’s floor layout and contours. This precise fit means there’s less chance of moisture, spills and mud reaching your car’s fabric. When you take them out the recess keeps the moisture from spilling out while you carry them to where you can rinse the mats.

In addition, the mats have valuable features such as their trademark Stay Put Cleats that keep your mats from slipping. We do feel the brand can improve the design of the clips that keep the mats in place because they tend to come apart occasionally. But overall, these mats will work well whether you have vinyl or carpet in your car.

Black is a popular color but you can pick tan or gray to match your interior.

5. AmazonBasics 3-Piece All-Season Rubber Floor Mat for Cars

AmazonBasics 3-Piece All Season Rubber Floor MatAmazonBasics also has an option for you and this is a 3-piece with a singular unit providing cover for the entire length of your rear carpet. The front units measure 30.9” x 21.3” while the rear is 18.8” wide and 57.5” long. You can cut off sections for a more appropriate fit.

The brand added all the necessary features you need to get value for money such as spikes on the bottom so mats won’t slip and the mats are odorless. Some drivers feel the mats are a bit thin but the grooves are deep enough to keep moisture from spilling into the rest of your car. When it’s time to clean them the light rubber mats are easy to spray or wipe down.

No, they’re not the best quality on the market. But for the price you’ll find it difficult to get another set that offers so much protection for the mid-section in the back. A bonus feature is the fact that the rubber is BPA free, so no risk of toxins. All these details make this a very smart budget buy.

6. OxGord 4 Piece Zebra Print Carpet-Floor-Mats Set for Car

OxGord 4-Piece Zebra Print Carpet Floor Mats SetOur last review is for drivers that want to make a fashion statement wherever they are, even in their cars. The brand manufactures over 20 different designs using different colors and prints.

These mats have carpet on top so moisture will penetrate them and require cleaning later on. But they still have sturdy rubber on the bottom. When you clean them they’re easy to vacuum and you can wash them to remove mud or other residue. Simply make sure they’re completely dry before placing them in your car again.

The mats are smaller than many others, but that makes for an easy fit without trimming them. They’ll cover the areas on the floor that get stepped on the most so your vehicle itself will look better for longer. They’re also not the best quality but for the low price it’s still value for money and it’s worth adding some style to your wheels!

What are Car Floor Mats?

best car floor mats

Car floor mats are removable covers you can place over your existing floor coverings in your vehicle. Whether you have carpet, vinyl, or plastic flooring, you want that surface to stay in mint condition. How do you maintain the value of your car? Use mats to ensure the surface won’t wear down or be ruined by spills, moisture, and mud.

A mat is often made of rubber but you’ll also find other types such as carpet covers. Because you can remove the mats it’s easy to clean the car.

Mats are smart investments because they make for easy maintenance and damage prevention. Now let’s help you pick yours.

Car Floor Mat Buying Guide

We’ve shown you many different options so you know the market caters for different drivers’ unique preferences and vehicle models. But now you have to pick the best set for your car. Don’t take this decision lightly. A mat affects how much traction a driver’s foot has while he or she is on the road so it’s imperative to pick the right product.

We’ll discuss this niche in depth so you can make informed decisions when shopping for yours.

5 Important Considerations When Buying a Car Floor Mat

It’s NOT about picking the prettiest one that will match your upholstery. Use our list of considerations as your checklist to make a wise investment.

  1. What Material do You Prefer?

    Scan through our reviews and you’ll see various types of floor mats for cars. Rubber is a common material but you can also consider carpet if you prefer the luxurious feel. We’ll discuss these types in detail below. It’s important to consider the consequences of each so you have a realistic expectation of what your new mat can do for you.

  2. What Design Type will Work for Your Car Layout?

    You can also pick between different design types. Some car mat sets have four units—two for the front and two for the back—while others have three sections. With the latter you’ll have a long mat for the rear so the center of the car is also covered. If you often have passengers sitting in the center this may be a wise investment.

  3. Can You Get the Right Size and Fit or Do You Need Custom Options?

    Imagine a new mat in your car that bulges in the center or forms gaps around the edges. This can be bothersome for you as the driver or moisture can creep into those holes. This shows how important it is to purchase car floor mats that will fit the floor sections in your car.

    Many brands provide you with the option of cutting the mats down to an appropriate size. So, you don’t have to purchase a set that’s designed specifically for your vehicle model. Simply make sure that cutting away sections won’t ruin how effective the mat will work, such as damaging the ridge that keeps spills from flowing onto the car’s floor.

    You can also consider buying customized car mats that are expertly designed for the model you drive. Just know that you’re bound to pay a little more for these than purchasing universal mats.

    Last tip: don’t purchase mats that are too small because you can never predict where the spill will happen. Moisture can seep in underneath, ruining the carpet underneath.

    floor mat buying guide

  4. What Level of Protection Does it Offer?

    What happens when you accidentally spill your morning coffee in the car? If you have an expertly designed car floor mat there will be a catchment area where the liquid will be contained. That ensures is doesn’t run into other parts of your car. The same goes for rainwater dripping from your shoes or snow melting in winter. That makes a mat with deep cavities worth the buy.

  5. Is it Easy to Clean?

    You want to spend as little time as possible on cleaning your car, right? So, keep that in mind when you purchase accessories too. The perfect car mat will be one that you can easily remove, rinse, dry, and replace. That means you don’t have to drive without the mats for a day while they’re getting cleaned.

    If you often tread mud into your car, they should be durable enough to be scrubbed without getting damaged.

4 Important Features and Specifications of Car Floor Mats

  1. Slippage

    Why do our reviews mention the spikes and nibs of the mats? Because you need yours to stay in place or it will become a frustration AND create risks.
    For a driver, the mat must keep its position so it doesn’t slide around when you’re pushing down on the peddles. In all other areas in the car the mats should also stay put so there’s no risk of carpet sections not being properly protected or moisture and debris ending up under the mat.

  2. Durability

    You can go for the cheapest option on the list of mats but how long will they last you? Any hole, crack or tear in your mat will make it worthless; moisture will escape onto your car’s floor. So, rather pay a little more or you’ll end up replacing your mats often.
    You’ll expose your mats to extreme temperatures, both very cold and extremely hot. The fabric or rubber should be durable enough so it doesn’t become brittle.

  3. Toxicity and Odor

    You don’t want your car to smell weird, right? These days you don’t have to endure this, even if you purchase rubber products. Brands who manufacture quality products ensure that their mats don’t carry any smells. Read reviews to check what other users’ experiences with the mats were regarding odors.
    Buying BPA-free products is ideal when it comes to safety and also be vigilant not to support brands that use dangerous materials or elements such as lead. Make sure that your new mat won’t become toxic when it heats up when you park your car in the sun all day.

  4. Aesthetics

    You ARE allowed to buy ‘pretty’ and ‘stylish’ for your car, even if it comes to your car mats. Perhaps you prefer a minimalist approach and you simply want to get the job done: protecting your carpets. But why not add some color to your interior by purchasing from a brand that offers different designs? This is actually a budget-friendly way to instantly improve the interior look of your car.

choosing a floor mat for car

Carpet vs Rubber vs Vinyl Car Floor Mats

The market has so many options so let’s dispel some of the confusion by comparing various types of mats.

  • Carpet
    Carpet floor mats are the optimal choice if your priorities are luxury and looks. The carpet surfaces are comfortable to place your feet or shoes on and they can look gorgeous. The practical benefit of them is that they carry the lowest risk of damaging the existing carpet underneath. Unfortunately, they’re the most difficult to keep clean and they usually can’t be cut down to size for a perfect fit.
  • Rubber
    A rubber mat set is probably the most popular type because they’re so easy to clean. They’re also durable but remember they do have some weak points: in extreme heat they may crack. If moisture is your biggest challenge—for example if it often rains where you live—they are a smart choice. Just remember that rubber can be slippery when wet, so opt for ones that are textured so you’ll have some grip when you step on them.
  • Vinyl
    Vinyl is also popular, especially for car owners who shop on a budget, because they’re cheaper than rubber. The draw card is that they won’t absorb moisture like carpet but they’re not as thick and durable as quality rubber. They also don’t look as stylish as most other types so make sure you don’t pick a set that will ruin your car’s interior style.

Floor Mats vs Floor Liners

Don’t let industry lingo confuse you; let’s clarify the difference between different types of floor coverings.

  • Floor Mats
    Many of our reviews were about floor mats: these may cover most of the carpeted surface, but not necessarily all of it. Mats aren’t shaped to the exact form of your car’s interior but they offer some protection by covering a large surface area from spills and damage. Floor mats are often sold as a universal fit design which you can cut to size to become a better match for your vehicle’s layout.
  • Floor Liners
    With floor liners you get maximum protection because these coverings are custom designed to match the layout of your car. When you use the exact shape floor covering there are no gaps where spills can escape and flow underneath the liner.

Benefits of Car Floor Mats

Don’t consider floor mats as superfluous. The accessories you see in car magazines are popular for a reason. Even steering wheel cover reviews will quickly prove how these simple items are vital for most drivers. They keep you AND your vehicle safe.

If you’re still undecided in whether a mat is a worthwhile car expense, consider how these benefits affect you as a driver:

  • Prevent damage:
    A floor mat creates a barrier between your car and substances such as mud, moisture or other debris. The mats will also prevent regular foot traffic from wearing down the car’s carpet fibers. Mats with soft surfaces can prevent shoes from getting damaged by a car’s sharp edges; perfect for ladies who want protection for their fancy designer shoes.
  • Create a safe driving experience:
    The right floor mat provides traction for the driver’s foot, even if the area gets wet. This, along with accessories such as using the best car phone mount, will determine how safe a driver you’ll be. Small details matter!
  • Resale value:
    If you use quality floor mats from the first day you get your new car you can keep your carpets looking good as new. When you sell your car one day this will help to negotiate a good selling price.
  • Style:
    New mats can make your car seem more stylish so you can feel even prouder driving it or carrying passengers.
  • Car maintenance:
    It’s much easier to clean a removable car mat than scrubbing the car’s interior after someone spilled food or stepped in mud before getting in.
  • Saving you money:
    You will spend less on car cleaning services because liquid and grime won’t collect in your car’s carpets.

Maintenance and Cleaning Requirements

Look at any mat or car cover buying guide and you’ll see maintenance is key when it comes to car accessories. When it comes to mats, mud and other spills will eventually have your mats seem dirty and the dirt layers may start smelling bad. So, how will you clean them?

  • Cleaning a Rubber Floor Mat

    Depending on how dirty they are, follow these steps:

    1. Remove the mats from the car and lay them flat on a clean surface.
    2. Vacuum the mats to remove loose debris.
    3. Brush the surfaces to loosen caked mud and spills.
    4. Spray the surfaces with detergent.
    5. Give the mats a proper scrub with a hard-bristled brush, but make sure it won’t damage the rubber; usually, only the top side needs a good wash.
    6. Rinse both sides of the mat with a hose or high-pressure washer.
    7. Leave them outside to dry before replacing them; you can hang them over the clothesline to ensure both sides dry properly.

    Tip: hang them in shade instead of direct sun to prevent discoloration.

  • Cleaning a Carpet Floor Mat

    Use the relevant steps depending on how dirty your mats are:

    1. Remove the mats and place them on a dry surface.
    2. Vacuum both sides to pull out most of the grit.
    3. Sprinkle baking soda on the mats and leave it for 30 to 60 minutes; this counters many common odors so your mats smell fresh again.
    4. If the mat is very dirty or has stains, mix water and washing powder & work it into the carpet with a brush. You can leave it for a while before rinsing it off with water and preferably a power washer.
    5. Vacuum the mats again to help remove water and left-over dirt.
    6. Dry mats by hanging them in the shade or placing them in the dryer.

Handy tip: you can use your washing machine if the mats are flexible and light enough.

floor mat reviews

FAQs and Answers

  • Q: Will my fabric car floor mat lose color over time?
    A: Ask your retailer about the color fastness level of the fabric they’re using. Color fastness represents a fabric’s ability to retain color, even if it gets wet. It’s usually allocated according to a number scale: the higher the number the better.
  • Q: Do floor mats pose a risk for drivers?
    A: Some drivers fear that a car floor mat will slide around, bulge under the pedals, and prevent pedal movement. This is why you need to invest in quality mats that have spikes to keep them in place.
  • Q: Can I use my car mats as my home’s entrance mats outside?
    A: You can use car floor mats for other purposes, such as entrance mats because they’re ideal for capturing dirt & grime. But note that the rubber and fabric aren’t designed to withstand the effects of 24/7 exposure to the elements, such as UV rays. They may fade over time and rubber will become brittle.

Wrap Up

Do you realize that keeping your car clean carries multiple benefits for you as the owner? And purchasing the best car floor mat is an important part of that! You protect your car’s resale value and you’ll have sufficient grip for your feet while you drive. Bonus: if there’s a spill or you get into the car with wet shoes, you’ll never have that sinking feeling again. Your interior isn’t ruined; simply rinse the mat and you’re good to go!

So, if you don’t have car mats in place yet, let’s get you sorted. Our car floor mat reviews showcase winning options on today’s market and using the buyer’s guide you can make the ideal decision for your car.

There are options for all drivers, no matter your budget, so start browsing and kit out your car. Be ready for the next spill, rain shower or snowstorm.

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