6 Best Car Mats – (Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide 2020)

There are few things car care related that is tougher to do than cleaning the carpets inside your car. They look and feel great when new but they are extremely tough to keep that way. Vehicle carpeting seems to be like a magnet for attracting dirt, mud, oils and anything else that your feet walk through during the day. There is, however, an easy solution to keeping your car’s carpeting cleaner and easier to maintain. You simply need to find the best car mat possible to place over your vehicle’s carpeting.
It may seem like picking out new mats for your car is a simple task but that’s simply not true. That’s because of the wide variety of car mats that are available in the auto marketplace today. This article is designed to help you with your car mat buying decisions. We will accomplish that by doing some car mat reviews on the best vehicle mats you can buy and by giving you some important buying tips for car mats too.

Best Car Mat Reviews – Editors’ Picks

Here is what we feel are some great car mat buys:

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series Floor Liners

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series Floor Liners

  • Price : $$$$$
  • Color : Black
  • Pieces : 3
  • Material : Heavy duty contoured foam and rubber
  • Dimensions : 32.8 x 21.6 x 6.7″
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BDK Heavy-Duty, All-Weather Metallic Rubber Mats

BDK Heavy-Duty, All-Weather Metallic Rubber Mats

  • Price : $$$
  • Color : Red/Black
  • Pieces : 4
  • Material : Heavy-duty rubber construction
  • Dimensions : Front 27 ¾” x 19”/ Rear 16 ½” x19”
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ACDelco ACOF-933-BK Deep Dish All-Climate Rubber Floor Mats

ACDelco ACOF-933-BK Deep Dish All-Climate Rubber Floor Mats

  • Price : $$$
  • Color : Black
  • Pieces : 3
  • Material : 100% odorless rubber
  • Dimensions : Front 29 1/2” x 21”/ Rear 54” x19”
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Plasticolor Red R Racing Universal-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats

Plasticolor Red R Racing Universal-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats

  • Price : $$$
  • Color : Red & Black
  • Pieces : Sold in pairs
  • Material : Rubber
  • Dimensions : 27.2 x 17.2 x 0.2″
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OxGord Carpeted, Universal Fit Car Floor Mats

OxGord Carpeted, Universal Fit Car Floor Mats

  • Price: $
  • Color : Black / Red / Pink
  • Pieces : 4
  • Material : Highest quality carpet
  • Dimensions : Front 27” x 17.5”/ Rear 13” x 17.5”
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Armor All 78846 Black Rubber Interior Floor Mat

Armor All 78846 Black Rubber Interior Floor Mat

  • Price: $$
  • Color : Black
  • Pieces : 4
  • Material : Heavy rubber
  • Dimensions : 31.5 x 19.3 x 1.6″
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1. Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series Floor Liners

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series Floor LinersHere are some tough floor mats that will do a nice job of protecting your car, truck or SUV’s carpeted floors? They are so durable they can even be used to protect the floors of your work vehicle. Husky’s Weatherbeater series car mats are a great way to protect your vehicle’s carpeting and floor. They are even tough enough to use for your work vehicle.
These car mats stay in place firmly too if you lay them over your vehicles carpeting. They have specially designed cleats on the bottom of them to help keep them in place. All they need is a quick spray and wipe down to keep them clean and looking great too. Best of all, Husky backs up these car mats with a no-question, no-hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Heavy-duty contoured foam and rubber floor mats
  • Raised ridge edges
  • Great for work vehicles
  • Easy spray and wipe off cleaning
  • Cleats help them stay in place
  • No hassle unconditional guarantee


  • Somewhat rigid style mat
  • Best used on carpeted vehicle floors

2. BDK Heavy-Duty, All-Weather Metallic Rubber Mats

BDK Heavy-Duty, All-Weather Metallic Rubber MatsThese are some nice looking and well-designed floor mats from BDK. So they not only help keep your vehicle’s floor clean but they also compliment the looks of your car’s interior. They have a very stylish metallic finished look to them.
The looks are not the only good thing about these floor mats either. They are a durable and all-purpose rubber style floor mat. That means they will clean up easily just by spraying them off in most cases. There are 3 colors to choose from and they have an anti-slip rubber backing to help keep them in place.


  • Universal fit rubber car mats
  • Stylish metallic finished look
  • Anti-slip rubber backing
  • Fully washable
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • Front 27 ¾” x 19”/ Rear 16 ½” x19”


  • Not great for cars with smaller floor space
  • May have to trim to fit some vehicles

3. ACDelco ACOF-933-BK Deep Dish All-Climate Rubber Floor Mats

ACDelco ACOF-933-BK Deep Dish All-Climate Rubber Floor MatsDo you get a lot of mud, snow or other types of rough weather where you live? If yes, then these deep dish rubber style floor mats may be the answer to help to keep your car floors much cleaner. They are made by the reputable manufacturer ACDelco. These all-rubber floor mats even have a good looking trifle design on them.
These universal fit, 100% odor-free floor mats can be used in a wide variety of vehicles. They are fully washable and you also get to choose between the three colors choices they come in. ACDelco has even tested these floor mats under extreme heat and cold conditions.


  • Universal fit deep-dish rubber car mats
  • Nice looking trifle design
  • Heavy weather car floor mat
  • Fully washable
  • 100% odorless rubber
  • Front 29 1/2” x 21”/ Rear 54” x19”


  • One-piece rear seat mat is not great for raised hump vehicles
  • These are somewhat heavy floor mats

4. Plasticolor Red R Racing Universal-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats

Plasticolor Red R Racing Universal-Fit Molded Front Floor MatsThese are probably the sleekest and most stylish car floor mats of all the ones we will review here. If you have a sports car they will look right at home protecting its floor carpets. They even have the distinctive Red-R racing logo on them. These universal fit vehicle floor mats offer great all-weather protection for your car’s carpets.
The fact these car mats are made out of rubber means that you simply can spray them off to keep them looking great. That also makes them very durable floor mats too. These Plasticolor Red R Racing floor mats run up under the petals a little and that keeps them from bunching up and interfering with your shifting, acceleration, and braking.


  • Universal fit vehicle mats
  • Sporty looking design
  • All-weather rubber protection
  • Fully washable
  • Sold in pairs
  • Under pedal style mats


  • Do not look good on luxury vehicles
  • Does not come with back seat floor protection

5. OxGord Carpeted, Universal Fit Car Floor Mats

OxGord Carpeted, Universal Fit Car Floor MatsAre you one of those car owners that do not like the feel of rubber under your feet when you drive? Then carpeted style vehicle floor mats like these are a perfect solution. They are comfortable when resting your feet on them and they look great too. These car mats will also stay in place nicely due to their durable spiked rubber backing.
This is a universal set of 4, floor mats that can be used in almost any car, truck or SUV. They are available in four different color choices too. These vehicle mats are a generous 27” x 17” for the front and an easy to fit in 13” x 17” for the back of your car.


  • Carpeted style floor mats
  • Spiked rubber backing
  • They look great in most vehicles
  • Perfect for trucks, cars and SUV’s
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Front 27” x 17.5”/ Rear 13” x 17.5”


  • Not great for vehicles with large back seat floor space
  • Carpeted floor mats can be harder to keep clean

6. Armor All 78846 Black Rubber Interior Floor Mat

Armor All 78846 Black Rubber Interior Floor MatThese are some well-designed all-weather rubber car mats that Armor All makes. They are a company that has a reputation for knowing how to keep vehicles looking good inside and out. This all-black, universal set of 4-floor mats has a good looking raised rib design too.
These can be trimmed to custom fit the inside of most any car, truck or SUV. They even have a built-in raised heel area for comfort and durability. Armor All’s patented bottom ensures that they will stay in place as you drive also.


  • Universal fit heavy rubber car mats
  • Good looking raised rib design
  • All-weather rubber protection
  • Trim to custom fit
  • Patented stay in place design
  • Raised heal pad area


  • Trim to fit style vehicle mats require extra work
  • The all black color does not go well with every car interior

Car Floor Mat Buying Guide

Best Car Mats

Here are the main characteristics of car floor mats to take a look at when buying new ones.

  1. Fit

    There are a wide variety of ways that floor mat manufacturers get theirs to fit your vehicle. Here are some of the main ones:

    • Vehicle specific
      These are car mats that are custom designed to fit only certain makes and models of vehicles. That custom fit makes them look very good and perform great on the cars they fit in. This custom-fit design sometimes comes with some extra expense too.
    • Universal
      These are car mats that are not designed to fit one specific make and model of vehicle. That often means they are mass-produced and this greatly reduces their cost. Universal car mats are designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles so often they have very plain shapes to them.
    • Trim to fit
      You will also see trim to fit car mats in the auto marketplace. Each one can be trimmed by you to fit your vehicle’s floorboards perfectly. This will help you avoid paying extra for vehicle-specific type floor mats. They are great for car’s that have odd-shaped interior floors too.
  2. Type

    There is a wide variety of different types of floor mats in the auto marketplace too. Here are the main types that people choose:

    • Carpeted
      Just because you cover your car’s carpeting does not mean you have to lose the comfort of it. That’s why so may choose carpeted car floor mats.
    • Rubber
      These are the most resilient and longest-lasting type of car floor mat. They are very easy to keep clean.
    • All-weather Vinyl
      A less expensive choice than rubber car mats if you like a vehicle floor mat that’s easy to keep clean.

    All of these different types of car floor mats have their good characteristics and their bad points. We will go into much more detail on these after the buying guide.

  3. Ease of Installation

    Some car mats are smaller and you just set them loosely in place. Others are made big and you have to trim them to fit. Custom vehicle floor mats tend to fit snug so they are a little harder to put in place. So consider how much work you are willing to put into installing them before you decide which mat to buy.

  4. Looks

    There is nothing that says you can’t protect your vehicle’s carpet and have it look nice at the same time. There are many styles of car floor mats that not only will do a nice job of protecting your vehicle’s floor but will also complement the looks of your interior. Some car floor mats come in different colors or have decorative shapes molded into them.

  5. Ease of Cleaning

    Without a doubt, vinyl and rubber car mats are the easiest ones to clean. They tend to be products that you just take out, wipe off quickly, and then rinse. It’s very easy to keep these types of vehicle mats clean. On the other hand, the same cannot be said of fabric and carpeted floor mats. These styles of car floor coverings usually take some occasional scrubbing and carpet shampoo to keep them looking good.

  6. Color Selection/Patterns

    If everyone put basic black colored floor mats in their vehicle things would get pretty boring. That’s why it’s nice for some car owners’ to be able to have a choice in the colors or the patterns that their new floor mats come in. Not to mention, some colors just do not go well with every color car interior. So when shopping for car mats check to see if the vehicle mats that you like come in different colors or styles.

  7. Warranty

    It’s not unusual for quality car mats to run over $100. This is especially true for custom fit floor mats for vehicles. That means you want your new floor mats to last you a while. Be sure to check and see if the floor mats you are interested in come with a warranty. Floor mats with a decent warranty attached to them will give you more confidence in your purchase.

Different Types of Car Floor Mats

Car Mat ReviewsHere is a little more in-depth look at the most popular type of floor mats for your car, truck or SUV. We will go over their pros and cons and their best uses.

  • Carpeted
    Just because you want to protect your carpeted car floors does not mean you have the give up the comfort of resting your feet on the carpet. There are many carpeted style car floor mats for purchase.
    Carpeted floor mats not only are more comfortable than other types of vehicle floor mats but they also don’t hurt your car’s interior looks as much as other styles of floor mats do. There are many styles and colors of them in the auto marketplace. They can even be customized with logos and designs.
    The biggest drawback with carpeted floor mats is that they are very hard to keep clean. Carpeted floor mats will have to be scrubbed and shampooed from time to time. This is to get stains out of the fibers and get deeply embedded dirt out that inevitable collects in the bottom of them. They also can be costly in some cases and wear out faster than vinyl or rubber mats.
    They are best used when aesthetics are more important than ease of cleaning. Carpeted car floor mats also do not take away from the looks of luxury vehicles like other vehicle mats do. These also work well in areas that are drier and do not see substances like snow and mud constantly being tracked onto them.
  • Rubber
    These are the most dominant types of car mats found in the auto marketplace. They are by far the toughest and most durable vehicle mats you can buy too. These will often last you for years without fading if they are made using good quality rubber. Just like you will see in our wiper blade reviews, products being built out of quality rubber are nearly indestructible. Don’t forget to check out best windshield wipers also.
    One of the best things about rubber auto mats is how easy they are to clean. Most of the time all you have to do is just spray and quickly wipe their surface to clean them. They are almost impossible to stain too.
    One of the drawbacks with rubber car floor mats is it’s hard to make them decorative. Even when you can match them up with the colors in your auto they sometimes still don’t look good. They also can breakdown under high heat conditions and they tend to be very slippery when wet too.
    Rubber car mats work especially well for work vehicles because they are so easy to clean. They also do not get marked up and scuffed easily by even the heaviest work boots. These mats are perfect for areas that see much snow and mud during the year too. Rubber mats are great for those that haul small kids and animals in their vehicles regularly.
  • All-Weather Vinyl
    If you like all-weather car floor protection without the slightly higher price tag of rubber, then vinyl is a popular choice. It is a material that has been around for a long time so improvements in its durability have taken place too. These vehicle mats can be found in a wide variety of color and styles also.
    One of the best things about vinyl is that it does not absorb moisture at all. That means it is almost impossible to stain or discolor them. Vinyl car floor mats are very lightweight and easy to clean too. All it takes to clean them is a quick wipe and some spraying off.
    Like rubber, vinyl can be weakened a little bit by exposure to direct sunlight. So you have to be careful where you park your car on hot days. Otherwise, you may see cracks start to develop in them and they may start to warp at the edges too. They simply are not as durable as rubber even with improvements to their chemical makeup.
    Another problem with vinyl is it usually does not complement the interior of your car at all with its looks. It’s thinner than rubber, so it does not usually have any type of highly visible decorative patterns in it.

How Do I Know If A Floor Mat Is Suitable For My Vehicle?

The best way to know if the floor mats you are thinking about buying work for your vehicle is to refer to the packaging or the manufacturer’s website. If you buy them at an auto parts store there is usually a manufacturer’s cross reference chart hanging up next to them there too. If you are looking for custom fit auto floor mats, then it never hurts to contact the manufacturer if you are unsure if the mats you are thinking about buying will fit your car.

Benefits of Using Vehicle Floor Mats

Here are some of the main benefits you get from installing car floor mats.

  • Help maintain your car’s resale value
  • Make your car floors easier to clean
  • Keep’s your vehicles carpeting from needing to be regularly replaced
  • They protect from spills and staining liquids and oils
  • Car mats keep damaging microorganisms from getting into your factory-installed carpeting
  • Vehicle mats make your car easier to clean and that also helps keep it smelling better too
  • Just like a car alarm, vehicle floor mats are essential pieces of equipment for any vehicle to have.

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How to Clean Car Mats

Here are the steps to properly cleaning car floor mats:

  • Step 1: Carefully remove the mats from your vehicle. Shake them to get any solid material off of them.
  • Step 2:
    Carpeted vehicle floor mats – First give these mats a thorough vacuuming. Use a carpet brush to bring up embedded dirt. After that, use upholstery shampoo on any stain spots that need to be removed.
    Vinyl/Rubber auto floor mats – thoroughly spray these mats off with a pressure washer. Clean any tough residue areas with a cloth and dishwashing soap. Spray them down with a pressure washer again if you do this step.
  • Step 3: Allow them to dry and then carefully place them back in your vehicle.

Car Floor Mat FAQ’s

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about floor mats.

  • Question: I have been told you can put car mats in your washing machine to clean them. Is this true?
    Answer: For the most part you have been told wrong except for one possible exception. That’s some of the softest carpeted vehicle floor mats without much rubber backing could probably be safely cleaned in your washer. A few wash cycles would probably destroy most fabric car mats. Putting rubber and vinyl auto floor mats in a washer may not hurt them but it will ruin your washing machine.
  • Question: Is it true that vehicle floor mats are regulated as far as safety goes in the USA.
    Answer: This is partially true yes. It pertains mostly to factory OEM custom fit car floor mats. That’s because a custom fit floor mat made by the original equipment manufacturer is seen by the customer as being a safer choice than off the shelf floor mats. OEM mats are tested for durability, odor, fit, and performance under hot and wet conditions.
  • Question: I live near the beach and much sand gets into my vehicle’s carpeting. What is the best floor mat type for me to buy?
    Answer: Without a doubt it’s rubber. These will trap the sand inside them and keep it from getting into your carpet. For carpeted mats, it will be hard to clean the embedded sand out of them and the sand particles may wear out vinyl mats quickly.

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Best Car Mats Comparison Chart

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Series Floor Liners

$$$$$Black3Heavy duty contoured foam and rubber32.8 x 21.6 x 6.7″
BDK Heavy-Duty, All-Weather Metallic Rubber Mats

$$$Red/Black4Heavy-duty rubber constructionFront 27 ¾” x 19”/ Rear 16 ½” x19”
ACDelco ACOF-933-BK Deep Dish All-Climate Rubber Floor Mats

$$$Black3100% odorless rubberFront 29 1/2” x 21”/ Rear 54” x19”
Plasticolor Red R Racing Universal-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats

$$$Red & BlackSold in pairsRubber27.2 x 17.2 x 0.2″
OxGord Carpeted, Universal Fit Car Floor Mats

$Black / Red / Pink4Highest quality carpetFront 27” x 17.5”/ Rear 13” x 17.5”
Armor All 78846 Black Rubber Interior Floor Mat

$$Black4Heavy rubber31.5 x 19.3 x 1.6″

Some Final Words on Car Floor Mats

You would be hard-pressed these days to find a vehicle that did not have floor mats protecting its carpeted or other floor surfaces. That’s because they help make your vehicle easier to keep clean and many are priced in a very affordable cost range too. So there is no good reason for anybody not to have them. Even the simplest and most affordable vehicle car mats offer more vehicle floor and carpet protection than nothing.
We hope this article will help you find the best car mat set for your truck, car or SUV. There is a lot of useful information in the buying guide that will help steer you toward a car mat purchase you will be happy with. Those brand mats that we did car mat reviews on are also excellent choices if you don’t want to do some research on your own. So now you are ready to go out and find the perfect auto floor mats for your vehicle.