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7 Best Car Ramps – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Can you recall how many times you have skipped your car’s maintenance and inspections? Such negligence leads to costly repairs. So, if you want your vehicle to be in top shape, you must look underneath it properly and often. This means that to change the oil on your own, you will need something to lift your car. Even though you may have some sort of jack stands, that’s not what they are meant for. You must get the best car ramp for your car.
There are many factors you need to keep in mind when searching for products such as these. Materials, height, width, GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) capacity – they all matter greatly. Luckily for you, we have it all covered in this buying guide. Your only task is to read our reviews on car ramps, and then continue with all the useful tips and information we have gathered for you. Let’s get started!

Best Car Ramp Reviews

1. RhinoGear Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear Vehicle RampThe design of these RhinoGear Vehicle Ramps is undoubtedly what our team liked the most about the product. With its rugged and structural surface, these ramps do not only look great, but they also provide convenient and secure access to the underside of your vehicle.
This product comes with 12,000 pounds of GVW capacity and extra width for more comfort. Also, the 17-degree incline will surely offer easy use for your low clearance vehicles. Another feature you will like is the Core-Trac non-skid feet that reduce sliding. Finally, this RhinoGear product is extremely practical in terms of space. It will not take up much of your storage area.
However, we have found some drawbacks that you should be aware of. Since the bottom is made of plastic, you’d better use the item with jack stands. Additionally, driving up on the ramps is not the most stable experience you’ll have.
Sturdy and durable, these portable automotive ramps can be used not only on your car, but on your pick-up trucks, vans, and sport utilities.


  • Meets P.A.L.D. standards
  • Space-saving design
  • 17-degree incline


  • The ramps slide when you drive up on them
  • The bottom is plastic

2. Nicky Nice Auto Ramp Set

Nicky Nice Auto Ramp SetThe Nicky Nice Auto Ramps are not heavy-duty ones, but they can still perfectly handle automotive oil changes, general maintenance, and car repairs. They have 6500lb gross vehicle weight. That means that each ramp can support 2000 lbs.
The product is easy to work with, and it does not slide. Still, we would like the ramps even better if the bottom was rubberized. Another thing that we believe could get better is the maximum lift height since it is only 8 inches. On the other hand, these ramps have safety ribs on their sides. Along with that, the inclined parts have traction holes.
Some other advantages that deserve to be mentioned are the durable powder coat finish that should last you for years. The ramps are lightweight, and you could easily carry them around. All in all, a nice portable addition to your garage.


  • 35 inches long
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Safety ribs


  • The bottom is not rubberized
  • Might be too steep for some vehicles

3. Discount Car Service Ramps

Discount Car Service RampsWith these Discount Car Service Ramps, you will easily access the underside of your low-profile vehicle. Putting a hydraulic jack or service lift under a low profile vehicle is hard, and that’s why these ramps are such a great option. They are easy to line up under the wheels, they are sturdy and show no signs of weakness that would make you second guess putting your vehicle on them.
Still, they have some drawbacks that we did not like. The first thing is the bottom of the ramps, which slides easily. You can always put a rubber mat or something like that under it, but it is still irritating. We also believe that the height of the ramp is too low. These 4,400 lbs. ramps lift tires only 2-1/2 inches off the ground.
On the other hand, the ramps have hollow honeycomb channels that prevent moisture from building up. They also have tire stops that help you know if your vehicle is positioned correctly on the ramps.


  • 9.05° loading angle
  • Honeycomb channels
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty plastic
  • 4,400 lb. weight capacity


  • They slide easily
  • The height is too low for any “easy access”.
  • Not as wide as they should be

4. Race Ramps Race Ramp

Race Ramps Race RampRace Ramps’ units are just what you need for the delicate tasks you do on your low profile or low clearance vehicle. These ramps can lift your car at a 10.75-degree incline and 8 inches off the ground. They are compact and lightweight. You can easily carry them around with you since they include handy straps for carrying and storage.
The unique construction ensures that these units won’t rust or crack. They also won’t scratch or leave marks on the floor. However, the ramps tend to slide a bit but only when placed on a polished floor.
The product is made with high-density expanded polystyrene which is coated with hybrid polyuria. Now, simply put, these ramps are made of foam that is covered in Rhino shield. That’s also the reason why many people do not find these units to be that durable. Still, as we have tested these, we believe that even if they are not made of carbon filter, they are of excellent quality for their price.


  • 10.75-degree incline
  • Won’t scratch your floor
  • Light-weighted


  • Sometimes slide
  • Made out of foam that is coated in Rhino shield

5. Scepter Automotive Ramp Set

Scepter Automotive Ramp SetThe Scepter Automotive Ramps are durable, sturdy, and well-designed. There were a few things that we didn’t like about them, but let’s start with the positive characteristics.
The first thing that must be noticed is the design. These ramps have a core parabolic arch that runs through the center of the ramp and supports and distributes weight. Also, these ramps can be used in all types of weather since their grid design allows snow, water, and dirt to fall through. We also liked the fact that they are portable and lightweight.
On the other hand, you must be very careful with the characteristics of the ramps, as they are not 100% accurate. For example, it is said that the weight limit per set is 12,000 pounds, while in reality, each ramp is rated at 3k, and that means 6k in total.
Also, it is explained that the height of the LIP of the ramps is approximately 8.1 inches, but when we measured it, it turned out that the real usable height is about 5.75 inches. Also, keep in mind that no matter how durable the ramps are, they still tend to slide.


  • 12,000-pound weight limit
  • Easy to use in all weather conditions
  • Smart design


  • Not that high
  • Tend to slide a bit

6. AFA Tooling Industrial Grade Ramps

AFA Tooling Industrial Grade RampsNow, these ramps are something else (and their price also shows it). These industrial-grade ramps are heavy-duty units that will give you safety and durability. Since they are sturdy and made of pressure molded high-density polyethylene, the ramps are also a bit heavy. However, considering all the other advantages, this should not be a problem.
The thing that we love about these ramps are the wheel chocks. They ensure your safety, and together with the rubber-padded base and rugged tread do not allow any mishaps or slippage. The rubber pads, however, fall off easily, and you must be careful not to lose one.
The product can be used on cars, trucks, SUVs, and even farm equipment. It will withstand up to 10 tons of weight. Each set has 40,000 GVW. capacity. The dimensions of a ramp are 47 1/4″ x 11 7/16″ x 6 9/16″.


  • Built for rugged use
  • The ramps have wheel chocks
  • 40,000 G.V.W capacity
  • Made of pressure molded high-density polyethylene


  • The rubber pads fall off easily
  • A bit heavy

7. BUNKERWALL Car Service Floor Ramps

BUNKERWALL Car Service Floor RampsThe BUNKERWALL Car Service Floor Ramps are one of the sturdiest and most durable ramps our team has tried. They come with a compact size of 35.6 L x 12 W x 8.5 inches and a convenient 7-inch of lift. Moreover, their rugged structural shape may look like a heavy-duty design to you, but they are surprisingly light-weighted. This means that you can quickly move them around whenever you need them. And thanks to the high-traction incline surface and useful carry handles, portability won’t be a problem.
We found that these floor ramps do not slide since they have rubber non-skid base pads. And apart from not having a warranty, we really couldn’t come across any other disadvantages. Some people may not like the fact that they are made out of plastic. However, it is a strong, high impact plastic, so we don’t think that to be a problem of any sort.
The product has 16,000-pound GVW capacity and is perfect for oil changes or any other garage maintenance on your vehicle.


  • 7-inch lift capacity
  • 16,000 pound GVW
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Non-skid base pads


  • No manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made out of plastic

Car Ramp Buying Guide

best car rampOur crew selected four of the most essential tips on this topic.

What To Look For When Buying A Car Ramp?

So please consider them:

  • Maximum weight

    When picking a car ramp, you need to know your car’s curb weight (meaning the weight without cargo or passengers). It is better to get a ramp which will handle at least twice that weight. It’d be even better to aim for one, which can carry as much weight as possible, but you have to be ready to spend more money.

  • Grip

    Some ramps have grooves or grids which will prevent the car from slipping because it will grip the tires while still letting water, snow, dirt and other debris slide off.

  • Height

    This depends on what you want to use it for. Ramps designed to help you get over a kerb are going to be lower and somewhat limited when it comes to height. The ramps that you buy to help you work under your car will have a larger clearance. Some of the vehicle’s parts can be hot when you work underneath, so having that extra space can be helpful to prevent any burns. In case you need any tools when working on your car, you might want to take a look at our best cordless impact wrenches.

  • Manufacturer

    The imported car ramps on the market are not too many. American-made ramps are somewhat safer and sturdier but they might cost more. Paying for American-made ramps may turn out to be an excellent idea since they have a higher quality and more punctual manufacturing processes. However, if you still prefer getting an imported one, we recommend you get one from a trusted manufacturer, no matter where in the world.

Comparison Between Ramps And Jack Stands

In case you have wondered what the difference in terms of function, reliability, and practicality is, we have compiled a thorough list pointing out the similarities and contrasts between car ramps and jack stands.

What is the Difference Between a Car Ramp And a Jack Stand?

  • Car ramp

    The first thing to consider before deciding to buy a car ramp or jack stand is your budget. Car ramps are more affordable than jack stands, and they are safer. However, we already explained that the safety of your ramp is affected by the surface you use it on. Be especially careful when it comes to gravel or pebble patches.
    This is because ramps aren’t made for those surfaces. They are meant for hard, smooth floors, so the weight of the car is distributed evenly on the bottom of the ramp. So when you place it on uneven ground, then you are risking to fail. We wouldn’t recommend you work under your vehicle when the conditions are not entirely safe. Another drawback where the jack stands get the upper hand is that you require more space when it comes to using a car ramp.
    Potentially, a lot of low-profile cars can have an issue going up the ramp, specifically the front lip, but there are low profile ramps that combat this issue. Also, your car needs to be functional for you to drive it up the ramp. If the battery is dead, then you will need to push the vehicle up the ramp.

  • Jack stands

    They are a bit more complicated. The first thing to find out here is where the vehicle’s lift points are. Once you know that, there are only a few additional steps. The advantage of this product is that you don’t need to move the car to use it.
    Jack stands can give you a bit more mobility into your work environment because you can remove wheels, while the vehicle is aloft. That’s why it’s better when you want to work on your car’s brakes.
    The biggest drawback here is definitely, the complete precision you need when setting it in place. You are much more likely to make an error. If the weight of your car isn’t supported correctly, or the vehicle is positioned in an insecure area as you jack it up, just one accidental bump will be enough to send everything crashing down.
    To sum it up, if you are just starting, we recommend you get a car ramp, it brings complete peace of mind. Ramps are simply better when it comes to usual procedures. But, if you are a pro or if you work in an area where car ramps aren’t appropriate, then jack stands might be a better fit for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Owning a Car Ramp

car ramp reviews

Car ramps have many uses. Our job is to outline the main benefits which are related to the functionality of the product. It is a faulty assumption that car ramps are designated only to lift a vehicle. So let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of owning a car ramp.

3 Major Advantages of Owning a Car Ramp

  1. Inclines

    If you got a classic car or perhaps a sport one, chances are that it will have a pretty low body. The vehicle will likely need some assistance when it comes to overcoming steps or some inclines. To avoid scraping or damaging the front and underside of the car we recommend the use of ramps. Kerbs can be a pain when your car is low so keep this into account.

  2. Maintenance

    A ramp is useful not only to lowered cars but even to regular vehicles. If you are someone who likes working on their car from time to time, then this is a great safe way to do it. We know that jack and axle stands are sort of suitable for this too, but we will talk about the differences between stands and ramps later.

  3. Transportation

    Ramps will help you load the vehicle in a container, on a platform or a stage safely. The best thing to do here is to have an adjustable car ramp, which is lightweight and compact, so you can travel around with it. All in all, every time you want to have your car transported by a truck or to simply leave it on display somewhere, you could use car ramps.

What to Keep in Mind About Car Ramps

Every unit has advantages and disadvantages. Our job is to show you all points of view, so let’s check the cons here!

  1. Sliding

    If you put a car ramp on a slippery surface there is a possibility the ramp can slide as you drive on it. This might happen when there are oil stains or debris on the ground. If you got yourself a carp ramp made of high strength polymer it can be especially dangerous to use on gravel or pebble surface.

  2. Spacing issues

    Ramps require more space than you think. It is not only about where you will store them but also how you use them. To get a car on them, you need to have some space to maneuver.

Is It Safe To Work Under A Car On Ramps?

The short answer is “yes”. In fact, in the auto-maintenance world, car ramps are seen as something that has high stability compared to jack stands. They have a large surface area where all 4 wheels of the car are evenly supported. A quick safety tip we have for you is to make sure the ramps do not slip. If you can have them against a wall or maybe at least have them on the seam of a driveway, this will give you extra stability. Also, make sure that you place the ramps on even, concrete ground. To ensure that car ramps are safe, it can be handy to check the instruction and the maintenance manuals that come with your product.

Properly Usage Of Car Ramps

There aren’t that many things you need to know but knowing how to work under your car safely is the main thing. Still, if you’ve ever used a car ramp, you know how simple it is. All you need to do is set them down, drive up its slope, pop on the parking brake, and put the required wheel chocks. It’s not hard but you have to make sure that:

  • The distance between the two ramps isn’t too short or too long. Your car must fit perfectly
  • The surface on the ground isn’t slippery
  • The ramps are completely clean
  • You have wheel chocks ready to use

Once you are done with all this, your car will be ready for whatever repair or maintenance job you want to perform. If you are wondering what accessories you can add to your vehicle, make sure you check our other articles which are about the top car accessories, tools, and additives.


Here are some of the most common questions that you may have and we are more than happy to give you the answers.

  • Q: Are the plastic car ramps safe?
    A: It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or metal, they are both safe to use in the right conditions. Plastic car ramps are more likely to slip on an uneven surface, so keep that in mind. Apart from that, both materials are resilient!
  • Q: What ramp’s length and incline should I get?
    A: For low vehicles, definitely seek something that has more significant length and a smaller, more gradual incline. Usually, a product with less than 10 degrees of incline is recommended for these situations. However, most of the time, the angle shouldn’t have a grade over 20 percent.
    When it comes to length, only big pick-up trucks and limos may give you a headache. Every other type of automobile should fit easily within the length of the ramps.
  • Q: Why is a ramp’s width important?
    A: When picking a ramp, you need to get a size that will fit your car’s tires. Wide car ramps are more comfortable to drive on. However, you need to center your tires, and that is more challenging to do in a narrower slope.


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Wrap Up

This is it! You have successfully arrived at the end of our buying guide to getting the best car ramp for your vehicle. Changing your oil, or doing small maintenance tasks on your car can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have a good set of car ramps. That’s why it is essential that you read our reviews of car ramps. They will show you the most reliable products available on the market these days.
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