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6 Best Car Window Cleaners – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Your car’s windows serve safety and aesthetic purposes. They protect you from the elements, keep the bugs out, and aid visibility. But dirty and grimy windows cannot serve these lofty purposes.

Road grime and bugs and grease add unwholesome layers to your windshield. So how do you keep your glass clean and sparkly? Invest in the best car window cleaner to keep contaminants off your windshield for optimal safety and impressive looks.

Before you shop for window cleaning products, take some time to read car window cleaner reviews. This will show you the different brands on the market and what real users are saying about them. You will also know the essential considerations, features, and specifications to check before buying the product.

In this piece, we provide all the information you need to choose a high-quality window cleaner for your car. Let’s go!

Best Car Window Cleaner Reviews

1. Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner

Driven Extreme Duty Glass CleanerThis quality car care product features a special formulation. It is designed to remove stubborn stains from any glass surface, including that of a vehicle. The solution can remove tough, caked hard water sedimentation and stains from your car glass.

Extreme Duty glass cleaner combines acid gel, cutting abrasives, and industrial-grade cleaners. This allows the product to clean glass surfaces that have suffered extensive exposure to the elements.

This glass cleaner can safely remove calcium and mineral accumulation, salt spray deposits, and rust buildup. It can also eliminate paint over-spray, alkali, and even mold and mildew.

The cleaner is a versatile product. You can use it on a variety of glass surfaces including cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and even the home.
Say you have stained windows or glass top stoves, this heavy duty cleaner can restore their shine. But you need some elbow grease for this product to deliver that shiny finish.

2. Shine Society Glass and Window Cleaner

Shine Society Glass and Window CleanerThis glass and window cleaner from Shine Society is suitable for tinted and non-tinted car windows. It is a professional grade product that removes smudges, streaks, fingerprints, and other impurities from your car windows. The formulation can deep clean glass, leaving a clear and shiny surface.

This automotive cleaner is formulated to get rid of streaks on your car windows. The manufacturer also claims the cleaner is a potent disinfectant. So besides cleaning and clearing glass, it also kills of 99.9% of the germs on your vehicle’s windows.

You may wonder if this cleaner is safe considering its disinfecting and deep cleansing powers. Shine Society claims the ingredients are all-natural and sustainable.

This means you can safely use it around children and pets. The cleaner is also easy to apply and comes with a microfiber towel for application.

3. Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover

Bio Clean Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover Window CleanerThis cleaner has a formula for eliminating hard water stains, and surface defects from mineral deposition. The industrial strength formulation can remove spots, rust, mold, mildew, and stains from your car glass and windows. It is safe and effective for cleaning years of severe weather abuse off your glass without damaging the surface.

Bio-Clean contains abrasives that work at the micro-level to remove hard water stains, oxidation, and limescale from a variety of surfaces. You can use it to clean your windshield, windows, chrome, brass, porcelain, aluminum, and stainless steel. It is also safe for use on hard vinyl, Corian, marble, granites, and fiberglass.

This cleaner can restore the original spark of hazed and foggy glass. It removes the stains and polishes the surface to a beautiful shine. The product is widely used for automotive cleaning and in hospitals, manufacturing, and homes.

4. Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiars G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass CleanerIf you are struggling with haze on the inside of your windshield, this glass cleaner solves that problem. The lightly scented specialty cleaner is suitable for regular and tinted glasses. It can clean any surface impurity off your glass and eliminate foggy stains from the windshield.

Like most Meguiar’s products, the G8224 requires a small amount to work. But use a quality microfiber cloth for the application. You can get a showroom finish with one application, even for severely weathered glass.

A lot of users say they use this product on a wide range of surfaces. It is effective for cleaning domestic glass surfaces too. But read the directions before using this product so you can achieve the best result.

Many people find it leaves streaks when used liberally. You need just a little of the liquid to get your car windows clean, clear, and glistening.

5. Safelite Glass Cleaner

Safelite Glass CleanerSafelite’s professional grade glass cleaner is ideal for a variety of glass surfaces on automobiles and in homes. You can use it to remove stains on car windows, windshields, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.

This product has a denatured alcohol formulation and contains no ammonia. It is fast drying, deep cleaning, and requires no rinsing.
When you spray, the product releases a heavy-duty foam that clings to the surface you want to clean. It then dissolves dirt, grime, grease, and grit on the glass, allowing you remove the contaminants with a wipe.

Because this product clings to vertical surfaces, it doesn’t drip, run or form streaks on your glass. Use it for cleaning your vehicle’s windows and windshields or prepare it for polishing. The product even has a pleasant scent that leaves your ride smelling fresh.
Remember to use a soft, clean cloth to wipe off the foam to avoid accidental scratches and swirls.

6. Rain-X 5080217 Windshield Treatment

Rain-X 5080217 X-treme Clean Window CleanerThis windshield treatment is designed to remove haze and discoloration from glass and plastic. It is a heavy duty glass cleaner that removes thick residue and dirt from your windshield.

It can get rid of smudges, bird droppings, bugs, road grime, film, and other contaminants from your car’s glass surfaces.
Besides being an effective solution for restoring your headlights, the Rain-X 5080217 can help improve driving visibility. The manufacturer also claims the product can optimize wiper blade function.

This product provides an affordable way to keep your windshields and headlights in top form regardless of the elements. Its fast-acting formula restores glass and plastic and delivers improved driving visibility.

This product is actually used to prepare glass surfaces for Rain-X’s windshield treatment. It is important to read the instruction carefully before applying the cleaner. After cleaning your windshield with this cleaner, you can then apply the water repellent treatment.

What Is a Car Window Cleaner?

A car window cleaner is a cleaning product designed specifically for removing stains from glass surfaces in automobiles. Unlike regular soaps, these products contain abrasives and polish.

The abrasive removes the surface stains such as mineral deposits, dirt, grime, and grease. Then the polish gives your car glass a shiny finish.

The primary aim of car window cleaners is to improve visibility. That is why most car window cleaner brands can make hazy and foggy windshields clearer and safe for driving.

Car window cleaners can also remove mineral deposits from hard water, rust, and the effects of severe weathering. They can restore and renew glass surfaces to their original clarity and luster.

Unlike household cleaning agents, most car window cleaners don’t have ammonia. Ammonia is too harsh for automobile surfaces. Car window cleaners also prevent fogging, which domestic cleaners can cause on your vehicle’s glass.

The best part is that most top brands of car window cleaners are affordable and long-lasting. And many are also suitable for domestic and industrial cleaning.

best car window cleaner
You only need to know how to choose the right one for your car. We cover that in the buying guide below.

Car Window Cleaner Buying Guide

Car window cleaners sell at very affordable rates. This has lowered the market entry, allowing many brands to create their own car window cleaner. But not all of these products are effective.

In this buying guide, we show you the factors to consider when buying a car window cleaner. The guide also discusses the must-have features and specifications of high-quality windshield cleaning products.

8 Considerations When Buying a Car Window Cleaner

Here are things to consider when shopping for a car window cleaner:

  1. Contaminants You Want to Clean

    One important factor to consider before buying is the type of contaminant you want to remove from the car windows. There are products designed for dirt and grime. Some brands specialize in cleaning haze, fog, mineral sedimentation, and other stubborn impurities.
    You want to buy a product that is strong or mild enough to remove the stains on your vehicle’s windows without damaging the glass.

  2. Ease of Use

    You want to get a cleaner that is easy to use. Most car window cleaners come in aerosol or foam. They are easy to apply and even easier to clean off, making the process simple and straightforward.
    You don’t want a product that creates streaks or hazes the glass and windows. Some brands are too sticky, and others lack clinging power. Go for something with an ideal formulation and volume control. That way, application and cleanup is easy.

  3. Versatility

    The top car window cleaners are suitable for cleaning several other surfaces. We advise that you go for a product you can use to clean your home and office surfaces. Some brands are safe for use on glass, mirrors, porcelain, stainless steel, mobile devices, kitchen surfaces, and others.
    You should also buy a product suitable for tinted and non-tinted glasses. A car cleaning agent that works for interior and exterior surfaces will deliver maximum value for your money.

  4. Ingredients

    Manufacturers treats car windows and other glass surfaces in a car with chemicals for safety and longevity purposes. A cleaner with harsh chemicals such as ammonia can damage your car windows or fade the color. There are other ingredients apart from ammonia that can reduce the longevity of your vehicle’s glass.
    The odor of some chemicals can trigger adverse reactions in people with respiratory illnesses or aggravate their symptoms. Artificial fragrances that come with these products may also be too strong for some people. Before buying a car window cleaner, make sure it is safe for the vehicle and your health.

  5. Price

    Most auto window cleaners are extremely affordable with the most expensive brands retailing below $50. Regardless of your budget, you will find a quality product for your needs.
    Sometimes, what you need is a specialty window cleaner designed to remove specific stains such as hard water and oxidation. In such cases, we advise buying the best vehicle glass cleaner you can afford. It will be worth it.

  6. Formulation

    Car glass cleaning products can come as concentrates or pre-mixed. If you love bulk buying, concentrates are the better choice, but you have to spend time to mix them.
    Pre-mixed cleaners are handy and faster to use, but they can be cumbersome to store if you order a large quantity. If storage space is an issue, go for concentrates because they come in powder form and are more affordable.

  7. Streak Free

    The formulation of your auto glass cleaner determines whether it will smear the surface, causing visibility-reducing haze. While most brands claim they are streak-free, read user reviews to get real-life feedback of a product’s performance. Streaky car window cleaners not only leave a poor sight on your vehicle, they make driving unnecessarily dangerous.

  8. Size

    The size of auto glass cleaners is important because it affects the ease of use and storage. You want a product that is small enough to keep in the car trunk without spillage. Except you buy your car window cleaner by the gallon, most spray, aerosol, and wipe versions are easy to apply.

window cleaner buying guide

4 Most Important Car Window Cleaner Features and Specs

When shopping for a quality car window cleaner, check out these features and specifications:

  1. Concentration

    Manufacturers of car window cleaners label their products based on the concentration of the active ingredients. Some cleaners are heavy-duty while others are extreme duty depending on the type of stains they remove. Make sure the percentage of the active ingredient is safe and appropriate for your purposes. Otherwise, the product might not work or produce negative results.

  2. Portability

    As we said earlier, you want a product that is easy to carry around in your car. This makes it easy to clean your glass at home or wherever you might be.

  3. Composition

    Car window cleaners can be in the form of pills, powder, spray, and aerosol. Some wet types are doused in wipes, making them ideal for single applications. If you don’t have storage space, the pill and powder forms make an excellent choice. Spray and aerosol are bulky, but they save time.

  4. Scent

    Many car window cleaners not only remove stains but also add a sweet scent to your vehicle. Most of these fragrances are light, but some brands include overpowering scents. Before choosing a product, check that you and your family can tolerate the smell.
    If you want your car to smell nice, we suggest you read this detailed car air freshener reviews.

Auto Glass Cleaners vs. Household Glass Cleaners

auto glass cleaner vs household glass cleaner
Do car window cleaners make any difference? Yes, they do. So why should you pick a vehicle glass cleaner over your regular kitchen product?

There are two main reasons to buy an auto glass cleaner. The first is that household glass cleaners contain ammonia.

The ammonia in these products has a very low concentration, but it is powerful enough to damage your car windows. Ammonia can break down the tint in your windows, cause the glass color to fade, and even weaken the molecular structure of the material. Car surfaces are too delicate for the harshness of ammonia, which is why you need milder products.

Household cleaners are also notorious for streaking. Car windows and glasses receive more contaminants and stains, which makes them dirtier than domestic surfaces. When you use household cleaners to remove all those impurities, it creates a lot of streaks on the surface.
Streaks make a mess of your windows and reduce visibility while driving. Household cleaners can also cause hazing and fogging on your windows, especially when used for the interior.

Top-quality auto glass cleaners have ammonia-free formulation. Active ingredients include vinegar, alcohol, abrasives, and other proprietary materials to handle different surfaces.

However, not every car window cleaner is free of harmful chemicals. It is important to check the product before buying to ensure it contains no harmful ingredients.

6 Benefits of Using a Car Window Cleaner

Here are some advantages of using a dedicated car window cleaner for your vehicle’s glass surfaces:

  1. Specially Formulated for Auto Surfaces
    Car window cleaners are the best products for cleaning auto glass because that’s what they are designed to do. Manufacturers use ingredients that improve the structural and aesthetic properties of your car’s surfaces. This delivers clearer, cleaner windows, and ensures you don’t expose the glass to harmful chemicals found in generic cleaning products.
  2. Improves Visibility
    The biggest advantage of using dedicated auto glass cleaners is that they improve your visibility while driving. These products ensure that no dirt or grime clouds or hazes your vehicle’s windows, even during a downpour. The increased clarity means you can safely navigate the roads and enjoy excellent views of your surroundings.
  3. Enhances Glass Clarity
    If you do car washing at home, car window cleaners are an effective way of giving your vehicle’s glasses superior clarity. You can use car shampoo for every other part of the vehicle. But these purpose-built cleaners will remove contaminants from your auto windows and glass surfaces.
  4. Removes Stubborn Stains
    Your regular soap and water mixture cannot remove stubborn stains like bird poo, hard water, mineral deposits, and tree sap. Car window cleaners are formulated to remove these types of impurities without damaging your glass.
  5. Reduces Streaks and Haze
    Unlike your household cleaner, auto glass cleaning products can eliminate streaks and hazes on your vehicle’s windows. These products cling to vertical surfaces and do not drip, reducing smears on the glass. You have to use a quality car window cleaner and follow the instructions. But your windows will be clear and free of streaks, hazes, and window cleaner benefits
  6. Multipurpose
    Many car window cleaners are suitable for cleaning other surfaces. You can use them to remove stains in the car, at home, and in the office. This makes the products far more valuable than their affordable price tags.

Will Glass Cleaner Harm Your Car Windows?

The answer to this question depends on the cleaner you use for the car. If you apply a household glass cleaner that contains ammonia, it might hurt the tint after a while. But if your car has no tinted windows, most glass cleaners will do no harm.

Remember that glass is one of the most impervious materials on the planet. It is resilient and does not readily react to chemicals. But automotive glass attracts an incredible amount of contaminants and grime.

Some stains require a powerful formula to remove them completely. But experience shows these products do not harm car windows.
Old, weathered glass may be susceptible to some damage if the cleaner contains harsh chemicals. But such a glass is already on the verge of breaking down, anyway.

To prevent negative results when using car window cleaners, we advise that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of the time, streaks, hazing, and fogging result from the misuse of these products.

That’s why you see people disputing poor reviews when they’ve had a good experience with a product. Regardless of a product’s effectiveness, you won’t get the right results if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The same applies to damages. You can often prevent any adverse reaction if you buy the correct product for your car windows.

You can also check out this comprehensive car carpet cleaner buying guide to give your car a deep cleaning every time.

How to Clean Car Windows

Buying a quality car window cleaner is not enough. You need to know the correct way to use the product to get the best results. Before you wash the windows, it is important for the car to be cool.

Pull the car into a shed and wait for the exterior temperature to be cool to the touch. This will ensure that the cleaner or any substance you apply on the vehicle does not dry prematurely.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean car windows:

how to clean car window

  • Exterior

    1. Wash your car first before the windows. This will remove most of the surface contaminants such as the stubborn bug remnants and bird poo.
    2. Alternatively, you can also wash only the windows. Remove dirt and debris from the glass surface by wiping it with a soft cloth. This will prevent accidental scratches and swirls and improve the glass cleaner’s effectiveness.
    3. Apply the cleaner on the glass. If you are using an aerosol or spray cleaner, make sure the substance covers the surface but don’t apply excessively.
    4. Use a microfiber towel to wipe the glass surface in an up and down movement. It is important to remove the cleaner quickly to prevent it from drying.
    5. After cleaning vertically, wipe the windows horizontally. Begin from the top and wipe in a back-and-forth direction. Divide the window into two sections if you can’t cover the entire length at once.
    6. Check for any stray stains and spot spray areas that are not clean. You can also spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth to clean the dirty spots. Remove the cleaner with the same vertical and horizontal movement.
  • Interior

    1. Wipe the glass surface with a clean cloth to remove dirt and debris.
    2. Apply the cleaner on the glass, covering the surface adequately without wasting the product.
    3. Wipe the cleaning agent with a clean microfiber cloth. Sometimes, stubborn stains may require light touch up with a scrub pad.
    4. When you are sure there are no stains or residue left on the glass, dry the whole surface with a microfiber towel.

Meanwhile, another difficult-to-clean part of your vehicle are the wheels. Here is a detailed guide that shows you how to choose the best wheel cleaners for your ride.

Glass Cleaning Tips to Get Your Windows Brilliantly Clean

Follow these tips to get your car windows clean and sparkling:

  • Save the windows for last if you are cleaning the entire car. This will help you avoid spraying other cleaning products on clean windows. It will also prevent transfer of residues from other parts of the vehicle to the glass.
  • Clean your auto glass in a shade when the car is cool. Direct sunlight and hot conditions will cause the cleaning agent to evaporate quickly, leaving dried patches all over the glass. The rapid evaporation can also create noxious fumes that may pose health risks when inhaled.
  • Choose the right auto glass cleaner. When buying a car glass cleaner, make sure it does not contain any harsh chemicals. Ammonia and other corrosive ingredients can cause toxic fumes and degrade the tint on your glass. For best results, choose products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and sustainably produced.
  • Use the correct cleaning supplies. The soap, towel, bucket, and other washing equipment you used to clean your car windows can make all the difference. Don’t use the same sponge you use for other parts of your car to wash the windows. Sponges can transfer contaminants from other part of the vehicle to your windows, causing smudges, scratches, and swirl marks.
  • Use a high-quality microfiber towel to clean your windows. You might be tempted to use old t-shirts and socks, but these will probably leave missed spots and scratch the glass.
  • Remove the cleaning agent with the correct hand motion. Combine vertical and horizontal movements to wipe the glass surface clean without streaks or missed spots.
  • Use different towel surfaces to clean and buff your car windows. Using the same towel for every window can spread dirt and contaminants from one part of the vehicle to others.
  • Pay attention to the edging area at the top of the windows because the rubber lip makes them dirty. The edges of the windshield wipers can also store a lot of dirt and debris. You also want to clean the wiper cowl, i.e., the resting place of the wipers when not in use. A dirty wiper cowl is a potential source of grime on your windshield when it rains.

Equipment You Will Need to Clean Your Windows

Here are the supplies and equipment you need to clean your car windows:

  • Car glass cleaner
  • A bucket if you are using a concentrated cleaner that requires mixing
  • Microfiber cloth or clean cotton
  • Sponge
  • Distilled water if you need to dilute the cleaner

We suggest you read this guide to learn everything about choosing a clay bar for your car detailing.

FAQs and Answers

Here are commonly asked questions about car window

  • Q: Can I use a window cleaner in the car’s interior?
    A: You can clean your car’s interior with a window cleaner. But read the directions to be sure the product is safe for other auto surfaces. Most glass cleaners are suitable for cleaning mirrors, plastic, vinyl, and other artificial materials. However, don’t use them on leather parts.
  • Q: How often should I clean my windows?
    A: Clean your windows as much as is necessary. Even if you don’t wash your car often, it’s better to clean the windows when they become dirty or visibility reduces. Your car will be cleaner and driving will be much safer.
  • Q: Can glass cleaners damage my car paint?
    A: Most auto glass cleaners are mild enough for accidental sprays on your paint. But ammonia-based products may have adverse effects on old paints that’s already falling off. Glass cleaners can also fade stickers and anything on the exterior of your car windows.
    This makes it important to be careful when spraying the cleaning agent on the glass. You can spray the product on a microfiber towel to prevent it from reaching other parts of the vehicle.
  • Q: Do glass cleaners disinfect?
    A: Not all glass cleaners can disinfect your car windows. But there are many top brands on the market with powerful disinfectant cleaning agents.
  • Q:What’s Best for Car Glass Windex or Invisible Glass?

Car Window Cleaner Reviews
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Wrap Up

Car window cleaners have come a long way since the time of Windex. These days, you can choose the best car window cleaner for different stains and contaminants. Auto glass cleaners will remove hard water stains, tree sap, road grime, and other impurities on your car windows.

If you’ve read this far, it means you probably want to order this product online. But like everything else on the internet, choosing from hundreds of brands is difficult. That is why it is always advisable to read car window cleaner reviews before you order the cleaning agent.

Using car window cleaners is easy. But you also need to know how to use them correctly. We’ve taken the time and effort to research all the vital information you need to choose and use them.

We hope this guide will help you choose a top-quality car window cleaner brand. Happy shopping.