6 Best Cordless Impact Wrenches – (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Have you ever thought how irritating a rusty bolt that simply refuses to shift can be? And what about the upgrade project that requires you to replace around 10,000 bolts? Well, that is exactly why you need a tool such as a cordless impact wrench. It is so useful that any at-home mechanic must have it in his armory. This is the reason why our best cordless impact wrench guide is everything you need. Thanks to our information, you will never have to meet a bolt that you won’t be able to loosen.
So, the first thing to do is read our reviews on cordless impact wrenches carefully if you want to find out more about the newest products on the market. You will see that we haven’t spared you any key features as well as point out the drawbacks. The second one is to continue reading and check out all the helpful information and tips we have gathered for you.

We love helping our readers find the most reliable units on the market, and that is exactly why we have organized this list of reviews. Here you will find products that are of the highest quality and will not disappoint you. They are not arranged in any particular order, and you can decide for yourself which one will be your next asset.

DEWALT Cordless Impact Wrench

DEWALT Cordless Impact Wrench

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions : 5.8 x 6.7 x 4.1″
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Torque : 1,740 in-lbs
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Milwaukee Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench

Milwaukee Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions : 3.5 x 10.2 x 9.1″
  • Weight: 5.91 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Torque : 750 in-lbs
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NoCry Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

NoCry Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions : 13.6 x 11 x 3.8″
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Torque : 300 ft-lb
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DEWALT MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

DEWALT MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions : 10.8 x 3.9 x 8.9″
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Torque : 3600 in-lb
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Ryobi Cordless Impact Wrench

Ryobi Cordless Impact Wrench

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions : 3 x 8 x 7.8″
  • Weight: 3.56 pounds
  • Material: Metal, plastic
  • Torque: 300 ft. lbs.
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Makita Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita Cordless Impact Wrench

  • Price: $$$$
  • Dimensions : 10 x 10.3 x 3.9″
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds
  • Material: Metal
  • Torque : 740 ft-lb
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Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews (Recommended Picks)

 1. DEWALT Cordless Impact Wrench

DEWALT Cordless Impact WrenchThe DEWALT cordless impact wrench does not only offer first-grade performance and durability but exceptional ergonomics as well. It is an 18-volt unit, so it’s not the most powerful impact wrench. However, it will still do the job correctly and you will be satisfied with the results.
There are a few things that our team likes about this unit. Firstly, the unit is highly portable since it has a compact size and lightweight. You can access tight areas, and you won’t get tired quickly. The second thing we like is the fact that you get a textured anti-slip grip that ensures smooth operation. The replaceable brushes offer increased serviceability. Last but not least, the impact wrench is backed with a three-year limited warranty.
This unit has some disadvantages as well. The Lithium-Ion battery and the charger are sold separately, therefore, you will have to spend some extra money on them. We also noticed that this impact wrench works louder than most units, which can also be a bit irritating.


  • Heavy-duty impacting mechanism
  • 1.740 lbs turning force
  • Frameless motor
  • 3-year warranty


  • The battery and charger are sold separately
  • Too loud

2. Milwaukee Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench

Milwaukee Fuel High Torque Impact WrenchThe Milwaukee Impact Wrench with Friction Ring is undoubtedly one of the sturdiest impacts wrenches our team tried. That’s probably the reason why it is also heavier than most units on the market. Still, for the price this unit has, you get a 1,000 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1400 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque.
The unit is compact since it has an 8.39″ length, but we would love it even more if it came with a case for secure storage. However, compared to all the advantages this impact wrench offers, this is not a fatal disadvantage at all.
The Milwaukee Impact Wrench is made of premium rubber material that offers excellent comfort during prolonged use. This also ensures that the unit is durable and corrosion-resistant. The REDLINK PLUS intelligence, on the other hand, prevents the tool and battery from overloading or overheating. We also really liked the REDLITHIUM batteries as they deliver more work per charge. The unit has also an LED light that will illuminate your work area.


  • LED light
  • 4-mode drive control
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence
  • Compact


  • A bit heavy
  • Does not come with a case

3. NoCry Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

NoCry Cordless Impact Wrench KitThe NoCry Cordless Impact Wrench Kit will loosen any lug nut, bolt or large screw with its 300 ft-lb of nut-busting and 260 ft-lb of fastening torque. The good thing about this product is it comes with a 20V battery, fast charger, belt clip, and a carrying case. That means that you will save a lot of time and money looking for those things separately.
We also liked the fact that this impact wrench works quiet and quick. Thanks to its rechargeable 20V 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, the unit also works longer and with fewer stops. This NoCry product has 2700 max IPM rate and is an excellent replacement for bulky pneumatic air powered electric guns. You can use this impact wrench for automotive repairs, product assembly, equipment maintenance, construction projects, and so much more.
Bear in mind that a small percentage of these wrenches have an ongoing issue with the forward/reverse selector. However, this unit comes with a 4-year warranty, and you will immediately get a replacement for free if something is wrong with your device.


  • 20V 4.0 Ah battery
  • 20V fast charger
  • Belt clip
  • 4-year warranty


  • You may encounter a problem with the forward/reverse selector
  • Gets warm quickly

4. DEWALT MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

DEWALT MAX Cordless Impact WrenchThe DEWALT MAX Cordless Impact Wrench is an excellent choice for mechanical contractors, automotive users, plumbers, etc. This is a tool that will assist you with challenging fastening applications, such as riving and removing nuts, fasteners, and bolts. However, we believe that as powerful as this unit is, it is not entirely suitable for professional use.
The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Impact Wrench has a 400-Feet/Pound of torque and can perform a wide range of fastening applications. The ergonomic handle will give you comfort, while the variable speed trigger with electric brake will provide easy control. You don’t have to worry about visibility either since this impact wrench has LED light for dark environments.
One of the disadvantages this product has is the fact that it does not come with batteries and chargers. Also, our team noticed that it struggles a bit with rusty bolts. On the other hand, you get a durable magnesium gear case and an all-metal transmission that will ensure extended durability.


  • A 400-Feet pound of maximum torque
  • Long-lasting battery pack
  • Magnesium gear case
  • LED light


  • It struggles a bit with rusty lugs
  • Not for professional use
  • Battery and charger sold separately

5. Ryobi Cordless Impact Wrench

Ryobi Cordless Impact WrenchAn impact wrench is an essential tool for the DIYer so the Ryobi Cordless one will surely make your life easier. You can install bolts into the woodwork, remove lug nuts from your vehicle, you can do pretty much everything with this unit.
The Ryobi P261 18 has a 3-speed selector, providing up to 3,200 impacts per minute. We like the fact that you don’t have to worry about slippery conditions as the device features a notched rubber overgrip. The design is compact, and the unit is not too heavy, although it sometimes gives an unpleasant smell when used.
With this cordless impact wrench, you can easily work in the dark since the unit features a LED light built. Keep in mind that there are no batteries included. We also recommend that you get yourself 4ah batteries as the device works better with them.


  • LED light
  • 3-speed selector
  • 300 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Notched rubber grip


  • Does not work well with batteries that are not 4ah
  • Gives burnt oil smell when in use
  • No batteries are included

6. Makita Cordless Impact Wrench

Makita Cordless Impact WrenchThis cordless impact wrench offers 740 feet pounds fastening, and 1,180 feet pounds break-away torque, so you can see for yourself just how powerful it is. The extended run time and speed control guarantee you 100 percent satisfied with your fastening results.
One of the most excellent qualities this impact wrench has is the brushless motor that ensures increased power and longer tool life. The brushless motor eliminates carbon brushes and enables the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently.
A little knock on that product is that it is heftier than most in its category, and it also comes without batteries. These two things and the fact that the reverse switch is a bit loose are the main disadvantages we found on this impact wrench. Still, we believe that it is a quality product that is ideal for a range of users- from automotive mechanics to pipefitters. The Makita Cordless Impact Wrench also comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • LED light
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • BL brushless motor
  • Electric brake
  • Powerful and sturdy


  • Battery not included
  • A bit heavy
  • The reverse switch is too loose

Buying a Cordless Impact Wrench

Best Cordless Impact WrenchesThere are many ways to name an impact wrench; it is also a torque gun, rattle gun, impact gun, and so on. There are also plenty of ways of implementing impact wrench use in your household or with your home projects. This essential tool in your kit is often used when doing repairs, maintenance, or assembling some parts.

Furthermore, impact wrenches don’t make much noise, and they can do reactionless tightening. These are some other reasons why such products are sought.

What To Keep in Mind While Choosing A Cordless Impact Wrench

We will now list some of the components that a cordless impact wrench has. You have to pay attention to their quality and properties when picking a unit. So let’s dive in.

  • Battery Type

    Since it’s a cordless instrument, it means that to function, it relies on batteries. What the older, typical models use is a battery-powered by packs of nickel and cadmium. However, such batteries show their age nowadays.
    If you want to invest in something that will hold up longer, then we recommend a Li-ion battery style. This battery is better at holding more charges, but also at giving you a more consistent rate. As the battery life drains, it will still give you the same amount of power as if it is at 100%.
    Another thing to know is that the voltage indicates how much power the battery can yield, while Amp Hours stands for how long you can use it until it needs to be charged again. Since both of these are quite vital for the performance of the cordless wrench, you would want their numbers to be pretty high.

  • Motor

    Key things you should look at the engine to find out how powerful it is, the RPM along with the IPM, plus the torque it puts out. The higher its power is, the more things can do with it.
    If you don’t mind putting some extra money in your impact wrench, you can get yourself a product featuring a motor without a brush. This feature is mostly seen at more expensive units since they add a lot to the item’s value. Obviously, they are better because they are more powerful and they don’t have any moving parts, which prolongs their lifespan.

  • Grip

    There are many designs you can choose from. They come in different shapes and sizes, but we recommend you go with the classic style. This is because most impact wrenches, regardless of whether they are cordless or not come in such a grip style.
    What makes a grip good, though? It needs to be ergonomic, so you are comfortable while holding it. If it has a proper trigger placement and either a rubberized or raised surface, then you could control the tool in your hand by a simple touch.

Advantages of Having a Cordless Impact Wrench

  • Way better than traditional wrenches – impact wrenches, in general, are a huge improvement over using the traditional ones. The cordless impact wrenches take this whole thing to another level by giving you the freedom you crave. Furthermore, if you are a professional mechanic, you want to look serious in the eyes of your clients. Using the most up-to-date tools will always boost this aspect.
  • Speed – convenience also means speed. With a cordless impact wrench, you will be able to get the job done faster.
  • Mobility – Okay, so why cordless? There are corded options as well, right? Well, by going cordless you add that extra mobility you can’t get with corded equipment. This advantage comes at the expense of a good battery. Without a top-notch battery, your cordless impact wrench will be worthless and it will mostly be dead weight.

Cordless Impact Wrench Versus Air Impact

Many people will tell you that having one of the top air impact wrenches is important. The amounts of torque that such units can deliver are impressive. Still, many people are hesitant to use them as much. The reason for this is that they are more difficult to work with since they have to be plugged in to massive tanks containing compressed air to function at all.
You will typically encounter such air impact wrenches in big industrial facilities or garages. Freelance mechanics that make visits to people’s homes will rarely use them. If you are looking for only power and zero mobility, then the air impact wrenches are for you. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about battery life when we talk about AIWs.

How To Use A Cordless Impact Wrench

How to use Cordless Impact WrenchesAlways use your impact wrench with the appropriate impact sockets. The sockets must be stored correctly. For instance, take a look at our tool chest buying guide for some outstanding examples of storage space and you will learn some tips on storing your equipment.
Impact wrench sockets are different from the regular ones because of their thicker walls and flat black design. This comes as a result of their hardening process. Finding the correct sockets is not very tricky because most wrenches will come with information about it. The only aspect that matters here is the size. If the socket fits, then it will be fine. Lastly, the socket requires a suitable size spinner to hold the bolt head in place.
We remind you again always to be cautious of the power your tool gives out since it’s more than enough to snap some smaller fasteners. When it comes to sensitive fasteners, such as wheel nuts, don’t rely on an impact wrench. To apply the final fastening effort always use a torque wrench.
If you use it appropriately and gently, this tool will save you time, effort, and power on every job!

What Is A Cordless Impact Wrench Used For?

Cordless Impact Wrench ReviewsYou can use it for a wide range of tasks but always make sure you give priority to safety precautions when using an impact wrench. However, these jobs can be limited depending on the amount of power or maximum torque your item has, but you can use them for these purposes:

  • Scaffolding jobs
  • Removing any log nuts in vehicles. This includes everything from tire nuts to the bolts that you have everywhere under the hood. If that’s one of the things you want to use it for you might want to consider looking at our best car ramps to help you work underneath your car quickly and safely.
  • Various domestic DIY projects
  • Tightening or removing bolts and nuts for many home maintenance jobs or repairs such as plumbing, woodworking, and more.

Can I Use a Cordless Impact Wrench to Take Out Lug Nuts?

There is no direct answer to this, and here’s why. Since most lug nuts are fastened using a torque of around 90lb/ft you should be able to remove it as long as your impact wrench can actually generate those 100lb/ft.
Sometimes a lug nut can freeze. It can also get rusty or maybe just stuck because it was fastened too tightly in the first place. Undoing such a nut with just any impact wrench will be a tough challenge. You need to have that extra torque to complete that task. This is why you ought to pay attention to the make and model of the product you will use.

How To Maintain Your Impact Wrench

Many people don’t like buying things that require maintenance, because you need to put constant effort into it. Still, there are small things you can do to take care of your tools which will save you a lot in the long run.
So when you consider the eventual outcome of your projects, isn’t it better to maintain the wrench, so it doesn’t die too soon? If we’ve convinced you, here are the steps you need to take to keep the unit intact for longer.

  1. Be careful with it. The simplest tip of them all is also the most important one. If you are clumsy with the tool, you will likely have it scratched, damaged or even broken in no time. The condition of the body of the wrench will determine its effectiveness.
  2. Clean your equipment. It is a basic rule that if you clean your tools, then their life will be prolonged. Do not put the wrench in wet conditions, or even in any open spaces where it’s under the scorching sun. Any dirt or debris will also have to be wiped clean off the wrench. It is inevitable that you will get the unit dirty, but you can do something about keeping it clean.
  3. Any moving part should be kept lubricated all the time. That’s because it goes through a lot of friction and heat. Of course, before applying any lubrication, always check the manual. You need to be aware of which lubricants are fine to be used with your specific model.
  4. Torque control. Always be in control of how much power you apply. Think about the size of the nut you are dealing it and whether you need to use an impact wrench for it at all. If a nut busts, it may significantly damage the tool and cause an injury to you. Don’t ever remove the housing cover from the impact wrench. Maybe even think about protective covers for extra safety.
  5. Checkup. The spinning power of the impact wrench should be the same in every direction during work. We advise you to occasionally test the torque output to get a clear idea of any possible problems. If there are any deviations from the reasonable torque amount, then you will need to consult with an expert technician. This is a significant part of the maintenance checklist.

Maintaining your tools is just as important as the maintenance of your whole vehicle. Good car care is a must and this is why we are ready to share even more secrets with you. Don’t hesitate to see our other articles on excellent car accessories and tools and learn some tips and tricks. You will also be able to see the top products in each category.


You surely have some straight questions about impact wrenches, so here we will give you the straight answers.

  • Q: What does a cordless impact wrench mean?
    A: Since an ordinary wrench requires physical strength to be used, here, the tool draws its power from a battery source. This makes it simpler to use, and it is easier to maneuver with because it isn’t connected to an electrical source.
  • Q: How do cordless impact wrenches work?
    A: The power here comes from an electric motor. Some other impact wrenches use compressed air. The force is applied swiftly, and it comes in small bursts. However, these bursts are exceptionally powerful and effective.
  • Q: What’re the contrasts between a standard drill and an impact driver?
    A: A standard drill only rotates slightly. However, an impact wrench uses added power from the impacts of the rotating mass to deliver more power, thus increasing the torque.
  • Q: Am I required to wear safety glasses while using an impact driver?
    A: Yes, it is part of doing your work safely.
  • Q: How do you start threading bolts?
    A: Initially do it by hand. Then use your cordless impact wrench. In the end, do the final fastening using a regular wrench.

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Best Cordless Impact Wrenches Comparison Chart

DEWALT Cordless Impact Wrench

$5.8 x 6.7 x 4.1″2.2 poundsMetal1,740 in-lbs
Milwaukee Fuel High Torque Impact Wrench

$$$3.5 x 10.2 x 9.1″5.91 poundsPlastic750 in-lbs
NoCry Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

$$13.6 x 11 x 3.8″8.3 poundsMetal300 ft-lb
DEWALT MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

$$10.8 x 3.9 x 8.9″5.5 poundsPlastic3600 in-lbs.
Ryobi Cordless Impact Wrench

$$3 x 8 x 7.8″3.56 poundsMetal,plastic300 ft. lbs.
Makita Cordless Impact Wrench

$$$$10 x 10.3 x 3.9″7.3 poundsMetal740 ft-lb

Wrap Up

Well, here we are at the end of our buying guide to finding the best cordless impact wrench. A tool like this one can save you both money and time. It is easy to use, yet it is highly effective. We hope that our reviews on cordless impact wrenches have helped you find what you looked for.
If you believe that our piece can be useful to others as well, do not forget to share it with all your friends and family. Also, should there be anything you would like to tell us, don’t hesitate to pop us an email or just write us a comment.
Helping our readers is our mission, so we have many other articles devoted to finding the right unit. Find some time and go check them out. Thanks for reading, and as always- stay put!