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9 Best Garage Lighting – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

One will never be able to count the number of great bands who started as college students performing in their garages. It might sound funny, but their success would not have been possible without the lighting in the garage. Nowadays, the garage is an essential part of the house, and you would need the best garage lighting to look at your precious possessions there or create the next big hit.

Since the days of spooky, unlit garages are far behind, everybody wants to provide the most convenient type of lamps for their property. Look no further because we have found various quality items to write helpful garage lighting reviews.

We know how important it is to bring the light of day in this fully enclosed space. Our reviews guarantee you at least one suitable pick. Moreover, if you read our guide, you will learn everything about the types of garage lighting, installation, maintenance, and more. So follow us on this journey to reach the destination where you feel confident and satisfied.

Best Garage Lighting Reviews

1. Sunco Lighting 6 Pack LED Utility Shop Light

Sunco Lighting 6 Pack LED Utility Shop LightThe first product on our list is a pack of 6 LED Utility Shop Lights by the company Sunco Lighting. This unit is easy to install because the mounting hardware is part of the package. There are two options for installation – flush to the ceiling or hang by a chain. However, note that the former mounting process is complicated. The lights have keyhole fasteners, but they are oriented in opposite directions, which makes screwing and hooking into the ceiling a challenging. The bulbs are not replaceable, but their lifespan is 50,000 hours for long-term use. Each of the six fixtures can be plugged in individually to wall outlets. You could also plug them into each other while one goes into the wall. Each light has its string, and you need to turn them on and off individually. Thus, you can decide which part of the garage to illuminate. Note that the construction is very lightweight. The cord comes heavy, and it tilts the unit. Nonetheless, the lights are not fragile and easily breakable. Each fixture will draw 120V and is less than 1amp. They are bright and instantly on.


  • Long-lasting use
  • Linkable to each other
  • Individual switching cords
  • Not too fragile
  • Bright


  • Lightweight and easy to tilt
  • Difficult to flush mount

2. OOOLED LED Shop Light for Garages

OOOLED LED Shop Light for GaragesThe OOOLED LED Shop Light unit offers 5000K white light as advertised. It might even come as too bright because the LED bulbs cannot be dimmer. However, they will illuminate the space very well. The product is suitable for damp places, and it will remain intact. When it comes to safety, however, you must know that the metal housing around the bulb is thin. Thus, the product is susceptible to damage during shipping. The price includes two lightweight bulbs. Installation is quick and easy. You can either hang them on chains on flush mount them. As with the previous model, flush mounting is tricky. You could hardwire the light, but you will need to replace the supplied cord with wiring that meets local code. That said, this model draws 39W at 120V. Plug connection allows you to link up multiple lamps. How many depends on the circuit. Each unit has a five-foot, polarized, non-grounded cord attached to one end. The other end has a polarized, non-grounded outlet. The next light uses its wire to connect to the plug of the previous one.


  • Bright
  • Lightweight
  • Link multiple lamps
  • Cool to the touch
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for damp locations


  • Not dimmable
  • Thin and susceptible to damage
  • Fragile screws

3. Barrina (Pack of 8) LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture Utility Shop Light

Barrina (Pack of 8) LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture Utility Shop LightThe next product on our list is a pack of 8 LED Utility Shop Lights by Barrina. The manufacturer has improved the package by replacing the short jumpers with longer ones. Thus, the package includes six lights, five short jumpers, six longer jumpers, six short switched power cords, and two jumper pigtails. The product comes with the hardware so you can install the unit fairly easily by following the instructions. If you wish, you could hardwire the product. What you need to do is cut and strip the plug end off of it, and wire directly into the switch box as you would a regular light fixture. The transformers are built into each light for your convenience. As long as the power supply is a standard two or three-prong plug, then you should not have problems hardwiring. Note that you should not link more than six lights in series. The wire is thin, and it would overheat with more than six units. Note that the screws and the metal clips provided are flimsy and unstable. It makes for an inconvenient construction because you will need to secure them additionally.


  • Upgraded package includes longer and shorter jumpers
  • Straightforward installation
  • Links up to 6 lights
  • Possible hardwiring


  • Light is extremely bright and harsh on the eyes
  • Flimsy screws and clips
  • Produces noise

4. GRG LED Garage Lights

GRG LED Garage LightsThe GRG LED Garage Light has the benefit of adjustability. The model has three wings which can turn in different directions so that they can distribute the light in the direction you want them to do. With the right curve, you can customize your garage and workplace. This unit is a suitable replacement for a conventional fluorescent fixture. Note that the light is very bright. Consider the space you have before purchasing. An advantage of this unit is the motion-activated sensor. It is very sensitive and quickly picks up movement. However, the light turns off 20 seconds after it stops detecting motion. Thus, it might be inconvenient if you are working in your garage. The timing is not adjustable because improvements are still taking place. The motion sensor detects at a distance up to 15 feet. In case you don’t want the sensor function, you can turn off the switch on the light, and control it through a wall switch or pull chain switch. Note that the unit does not perform well in low temperatures. When the ambient is warmer, though, the light comes on full power instantly.


  • Sensitive motion-activated sensor
  • Can work without the sensor
  • Bright and long-lasting
  • Adjustable wings


  • Does not perform well in low temperatures
  • No timer on the sensor

5. ZJOJO Linkable LED Shop Light for Garage

ZJOJO Linkable LED Shop Light for GarageThe next model we will review for you is the ZJOJO LED Light designed explicitly for a garage space. The light of this unit is noticeably brighter than that of fluorescent light. It is also frosted instead of clear. A valuable characteristic of the LED lights is that they are 42-watt and consume very little energy. The bulbs cannot be replaced, however. You will need to replace the whole fixture once they stop working. Nonetheless, the price and the long life of the lights compensate for a new purchase. You can directly connect the product to an electric box by cutting the head of the cord off and wiring it. The lights are easy to install and link to one another. Note that you can link together a maximum of 10 fixtures. Otherwise, the cords will overheat. Unfortunately, the length of the wire is short, and it limits how far you can put each light from the next. However, no matter how close they are, you can turn one off individually without affecting the power of the whole construction.


  • Nice light
  • Easy to install in different ways
  • Up to 10 fixtures linked together
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long-lasting


  • Short cord
  • Possible damage to outer shields upon delivery

6. BBOUNDER 4 Pack LED Shop Light for Garage

BBOUNDER 4 Pack LED Shop Light for GarageThe BBOUNDER LED Shop Light comes as a pack of four lights. Each of them offers long-lasting bright light that will not be affected by low or high temperatures. The unit can perform when the ambient temperature is below zero. The whole construction is lightweight. However, note that the materials used in the design are not of the highest quality. The plastic housing is susceptible to damage, and the clips are flimsy. These drawbacks will not hinder the performance of the bulbs, but they make the unit more fragile. Depending on the model, these lights could be linkable, but you need to make sure you purchase the right item. The non-linkable lights come pre-wired with switches and plugs. This product is a complete replacement. You can take down the old lights and put up the new ones, cutting the plug ends or wiring them into the box for the old unit. If you want to link the lights, you can use the 6-inch cable that comes with them. Hardwiring is also possible as long as you have a standard 2-prong plug. The model has an on/off switch cord which helps you turn the lights on more natural.


  • Inexpensive
  • Long-term use
  • Various installation options
  • Performs below zero degrees
  • On/off switch


  • Plastic materials
  • Susceptible to damage

7. LEONLITE 4 Pack 4ft Linkable LED Shop Light

LEONLITE 4 Pack 4ft Linkable LED Shop LightThe next product on our list is another pack of four Linkable LED Shop Lights by LEONLITE. The good things about all LED bulbs are that they save you a lot of money on electricity bills. This model consumes little energy even when you link several lights in a chain. This process is possible thanks to the connector that comes with the lights. Each fixture has a receptacle in one end that plugs into the end of the next fixture. The unit also includes a power cord. Remember not to link more than the pack of four lights. If you want to hardwire the first one, perform the standard procedure of cutting the plug off and wiring it in a junction box. You can also use them individually. The lights function well in cold weather and temperatures below zero. However, they are not waterproof. They could work in damp ambient but not in wet locations. A useful feature of this unit is the metal shade and lightweight construction.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Good price
  • Plenty of light
  • Low-temperature functionality
  • Metal share
  • Lightweight construction
  • No buzzing sound


  • Complaints about some of the lights not working upon delivery
  • Maximum of four lights in a chain

8. Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light Linkable

Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light LinkableWe present to you the Hykolity LED Linkable Shop Lights. Each fixture comes with two non-replaceable bulbs. You will be able to install them without the help of an electrician because all the hardware comes with the package. The product gives you the freedom to decide what type of installation you would like to perform. It can be hanging from the ceiling as well as flush-mounted in the surface. You will need to drill some holes through the back and screw the unit. If you want to link several lights together, use the plug connection. Thus, when you turn one of the lights on, the others will start working as well. There are two options when it comes switching the lamps on and off. They come with a pull cord, but you can also use a wall switch. These 42W lights have an operating voltage of up to 120V AC. The light comes on right away at full power under various weather conditions, and it diffuses well.


  • Various options for mounting
  • Light diffuses well
  • Plug-cord on/off switch or wall switch
  • Easy installation
  • Withstands different weather conditions


  • Housing bends easily
  • Causes radio frequency interference

9. AntLux 72W LED Wraparound Light

AntLux 72W LED Wraparound LightThe last product we will review for you is the AntLux LED Wraparound Light. This kind of lighting is suitable for offices and garages. The light is characterized by 8000 lumens at 4000k that provide quality light. At the same time, the brightness is not too strong or painful for the eyes. You could also tone down the light output by disconnecting some of the light strips. Note that these lights are permanent install fixtures. This feature means that you will need to hardwire them into your house’s wiring at an outlet box. No cord comes with the package. The fixtures wire as all standard wrap fixtures. The LED driver is integral, and the connection happens from light to light. Another nice feature of this product is that the bulbs do not make any buzzing noise. However, the item is also fragile and susceptible to cracks in the lens. The diffusers need more protection. Overall, there are certain drawbacks in the construction of these lights, but the brightness they provide will serve you well.


  • Bright
  • Quiet
  • Option to disconnect as many strips as you want
  • No cords
  • Energy saving


  • Fragile
  • Possible cracks in the lens upon delivery
  • Limited installation options

Best Garage Lighting Comparison Chart

In this section, we will present to you a list of reviews of garage lighting. Note that each model has its characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks, which is why the products are not in any particular order. We will give you all the information so that you can decide which model suits your needs.

Garage Lighting Buying Guide

Best Garage Lighting

Now that you have checked our top picks, you maybe find yourself immersed in more questions because you are unsure as to which one to purchase for your personal needs. We cannot leave you hanging, hence, why we wrote this guide.

What to Consider When Buying Garage Lighting

In the next few sections, we will tell you what to consider when buying garage lighting.

  • Wattage of Garage Lights

    When it comes to lighting and electricity, every product comes with a description in numbers. For many people, those numbers don’t mean anything, which makes it confusing to decide what is the most suitable product for you. One of those numbers indicates the wattage.
    A watt (W) is a standard measure of electrical power. It quantifies the rate of energy transfer, which means the rate at which an electrical device uses or generates energy. It is measured as the number of joules per second. The higher the watt rating, the more the power consumption. Such an equation also provides you with more light.
    However, as technology evolves, some energy-saving solutions still offer bright light. For example, LED bulbs give you as much light as fluorescent bulbs, but they consume a lot less power. The characteristic that denotes the actual brightness is the next one: lumens.

  • Lumens of Garage Lights

    Lumens (denoted by lm) are a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the “brighter” the lamp will appear, no matter the wattage. We always look at the watts thinking they will tell us how much light the product gives. However, it is the lumens that tell us this.
    To find the most efficient unit in both lighting and consumption aspects, you can use a simple equation: Lumens per Watt or lm/W. The results of such measurements show you which lights provide proper amounts of brightness at lower wattage rates.

  • Ambiance Factor

    The ambiance factor tells you if the light appears warm or cold. It is determined by the color temperature and measured in Kelvins. Paradoxically, the bigger the number, the colder the temperature. Warm light, around the range of 3000K, is suitable for entertainment purposes because the light is not glaring.
    Cooler light is convenient for work-oriented spaces, where you need to focus on the details. For example, if you have a desk or define yourself as a car geek, you might need cool light to take the right gadget from your toolbox. If you are still looking for the top tool chest, check our website and combine your garage lighting with a set of instruments to help you work in a comfortable ambient.

  • Color Rendering Quotient

    This characteristic indicates if the color appears to the eye as it is under different types of light. Look for the CRI on the packaging – this is the color rendition index. The scale includes numbers from 0 to 100. Usually, the most accurate colors are visible at around 85 CRI. Because the ceiling and the floor are the broad surfaces that complete the contents of the room, check our guide to some high-quality floor paint for garages for a stunning appearance.

  • Installation

    Although we will talk about how to install your garage lights more in length a bit further down in this guide, the type of installation different kinds require is another thing you need to consider before purchasing. Some products will give you several options when it comes to mounting a unit, while others are designed solely for hardwiring. If you prefer to hang the lights by a chain, make sure that you read the description before going to the till.

Types of Garage Lighting Options

Garage Lighting ReviewsIt is always better to have many things to choose from than having no options. Everybody faces the challenge of choosing, but lighting your garage can be effortless when you know the most suitable types of products. Make sure that the product you choose will help you perform all the tasks necessary to keep your car or garage in shape. If you need anything else apart from the lights to excel in this task, look at the other quality car-related products that we at CarOutfitter have on our website.

4 Most Common Types of Interior Garage Lighting Ideas

  1. Fluorescent Garage Lights

    The most common type of garage lighting is fluorescent light. It comes as tubes filled with mercury vapors. They provide cool light that is perfect for the whole garage as a workplace. If you decide to go for the fluorescent king of lights, make sure that you get 4-foot tubes because they distribute the light better than the containers that are placed as a pair every 8 feet.
    Standard fluorescent fixtures hold T12 bulbs. However, you will be rewarded in the long term if you spend a bit more for T8 tubes. They are more energy-efficient, and their light is more accurate to the color. The T8 tubes do not flicker or hum when they are functioning. Thus, these garage bulbs combat the horror movie garage stereotype.

  2. Incandescent Garage Lights

    Incandescent lights have a wire filament that heats up and starts glowing. They are suitable for a garage space that you use for parking your car. Replacing the bulbs is hassle-free and cheap. Usually, you would need two or three fixtures with 60, 75, or 100W bulbs with these lights.

  3. LED

    The way LED lights work is simple, and they are cheap, which is why so many people decide to replace their fluorescent lights with them. LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED lighting products produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs, and the result is visible light. To prevent performance issues, the heat LEDs produce absorbed into a heat sink.
    LEDs typically do not “burn out” or fail. Instead, they experience ‘lumen depreciation,’ wherein the brightness of the LED dims slowly over time. They can last you for many years after which you will need to replace the whole fixture and not just the bulb.

  4. Task Lighting

    If you work a lot in your garage and if you are a passionate DIY-er, maybe you will need some additional lighting that is more localized. Providing your garage with task lighting is a lot simpler than you may think. For example, a simple clip-on desk lamp could do the job when you need to pay attention to the details.

The Battle Between LEDs and Fluorescent

Maybe this battle is not the most severe in history, but it could still be challenging to decide which side you are on. This is the reason why we collected the pros and cons of both types of lighting to make your decision easier and bring peace to the world.

  1. LED


    • Saves you between 45% and 65% on electricity bills.
    • Have a life of 50,000 hours, which means they will lose 30% of their light in 10 years.
    • Environment-friendly
    • They can directly replace the fluorescent lights in the existing ballast, which makes installation easy.


    • Quality LED bulbs are pricier.
    • You might get confused when choosing the right manufacturer because the options are overwhelming.
  2. Fluorescence


    • Low cost
    • Even easier to replace an old fluorescent light in an existing ballast.
    • Quick choices: you select a reputable manufacturer, color temperature, and wattage, and you’re off to the races.


    • Mercury content: this metal is toxic and damaging for the environment.
    • They are not as energy-efficient as the LED lights.
    • Lower life rating
    • Experience color variation and fading over time.

How to Install Garage Lighting

Garage Lighting TipsThere are several ways to install garage lighting depending on the type of lights you have and on the designated spot. Since the two most common options for garage lighting are fluorescent and LED lights, we will have a look at the steps to perform both installations.

Step to Installing Fluorescent & Led Garage Lighting

  • Fluorescent Lights

    Many people decide to replace their incandescent bulbs with a more efficient alternative. In this section, we will tell you how to install fluorescent light so that you can notice the difference.

    • If you think that there might be a defect in an existing fluorescent tube, you can replace it. Remove the old tube by twisting it out of its sockets. Install the new tube the same way — insert the tube’s prongs into the socket and turn the tube to lock it into place.
    • In case you need to change the whole starter, do the same thing: remove the old starter the same way you removed the old tube, by twisting it out of its socket in the fixture. Install a new one by inserting it into the socket and twisting it to lock it into place. Make sure you get the wattage right.
    • If both the starter and the tube are working as expected, you will need to replace the ballast. Switch the circuit off, disassemble the fixture, transfer wires from the old ballast to the new one — one at a time, to avoid an incorrect connection — and, finally, reassemble the fixture.
  • LED Lights

    If you are wondering whether LED lights are more difficult to mount, worry no more. We will now teach you how to install LED shop lights in your garage.

    • First, determine how many lights you will need. Four 4’ lights will provide sufficient light in a garage where all you do is store things and park your car. The light mustn’t be glaring.
    • Most LED lights have two options for connection: end-to-end or cord connection.
      1. The end-to-end connectors provide a sleek look and more brightness in specific locations. The end of each fixture can be attached to the end of the next one.
      2. If you want the lights to be further apart from each other, you can connect them with a cord.
    • Plan your layout: it would be good if you could use an already existing ceiling outlet. However, there is a chance that you will need to add an outlet or add a switch to an existing outlet.
    • Install a hanging hook or nails.
      Each end of the LED fixture has a three-pronged recessed connector. They’re very similar, but the “Power in” end has a little notch that matches up with a nub on the power cord. Fully insert the power cord; if another light connects to it, add the linking cable or end-to-end connector into the other end using the end without the nub.
    • Attach the S-hooks of the chains to the slots.
    • Adjust the pull-chains of each light. Snap the extension chain before you hang it.
    • Now hang your lights from the nails or hooks you installed. Make sure the first one has the power cord end facing toward the outlet.
    • Get your next light, hang it, and insert the end of the linking cable or flush connector from the previous light into the “power in” connector, to firmly connect the two lights.

Placement of Outdoor Lights

In the last part of our guide, we will expand your outlook on garage lighting by giving you some tips on exterior lights. These lights are just as important because they give you a more extensive viewing range of your driveway. They can also help you park the car and monitor the front of your house.

Here are some steps to finding the right spot to install an outdoor garage light:

  • Cut off the power before installing.
  • Make sure that the fixture is away and safe from any moving parts of the garage door. Note that the whole installation includes all components from bottom to top.
  • Find the right location.
  • Drill holes in the for the fixture and screw the base to the wall.
  • Connect hot, neutral, and ground wires. Finish the connections with wire nuts.
  • Mount and screw the light itself.

There are also various types of exterior garage lighting. You can choose to buy a lantern-type of light or a more modern lamp. There are lights with timers which save you the time to go and switch the unit on. If you would like to use your garage lighting as part of a security system, you can get a motion-sensor light, which will notify you when it detects movement.

Wrap Up

Even though endings are sad, concluding our guide means that you can now go and find the best garage lighting with confidence and knowledge. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our reviews of garage lighting and that we have not left any questions unanswered. If there is still something you would like to know, remember that our team is always just an email away and ready to help!
The purpose of our guide was to bring an end to the Dark Ages in your garage and to help you make this space welcoming. Please, share this guide with everybody who you think would find it useful. Let’s create a network of people with the same interests in lighting and comfort. Thanks for reading, and as always – stay put!