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7 Best HID Conversion Kits – (Reviews 2021)

Let’s face it; there are few things that are more important on your vehicle than properly functioning headlights. You could not even begin to think about driving at night without them. One common problem with people’s attitudes about their headlights is that they don’t often look to upgrade them even though it’s totally possible in most cases.

Halogen lights were a big breakthrough when they first came out but there are even better headlight options than those now. Xenon headlights, also known as HID headlights, are currently the brightest option available for upgrading your headlights. You will need to get the best HID kit you can afford to make this possible.

Check out our latest headlight xenon conversion kit reviews and buyer’s guide on the top products for this year.

Best Headlight Conversion Kit Reviews

To start with we took a look at several popular HID conversion kits. Here are the 10 best ones out of those that we took a look at:

1. XenonPro HID Xenon Conversion Kit

XenonPro HID Xenon Conversion KitThe XenonPro HID headlight conversion kit isn’t only one of the brightest on the market, it’s also very well built, competitively priced and comes with an incredible industry-best lifetime warranty. This is an elite automotive lighting product with exceptional value.

The kit can be customized based on brightness (35W or 55W) and HID color temperature ranging from 3000K to 12000K, although we recommend going with 5000K or 6000K.

  • What we like about this HID conversion kit

We really liked the strong and clean light output, the quality build of the product, the ultra-slim ballasts (great for installation), plug and play installation, and most importantly the lifetime warranty.

  • Some things we don’t like about this product

If your car is a 2006 model or newer, you’ll need to purchase a capacitor (also known as a warning canceller or anti-flicker), however, it plugs right into the ballast and then to your factory power harness.

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2. OPT7 Boltzen AC CANbus HID Xenon Conversion Kit

Here is another very good HID headlight conversion kit from OPT7. This one prides itself on being as error-free as possible and it uses sophisticated technology to make that happen. It also includes some superior quality bulbs and ballasts that work great and should last you a very long time if you install this product correctly

  • What we like about this HID conversion kit
    This is a very good quality conversion kit and we liked it a little better than their other kit on this list. Everything on it is put together really well and it’s sold at a very reasonable price for all you get with it.
  • Some things we don’t like about this product
    You will most likely have to by the optional resistor kit that is available for this model HID conversion kit. Therefore this is not a true plug and play model as it claims to be.

3 . Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID Kit

Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID KitThis is a great kit for the price – you get 2 Canbus Ballast and 2 HID bulbs that are very slim and hence easy to install. Also, Innovited Premium product is suitable for all car models and you can choose from many colors for your headlights to upgrade your vehicle. The HID kit works with 35W and the maximum current is 4.8A. This unit is guaranteed to last 229 days without a problem and in addition, the kit can work in any weather condition.

  • What we like about this HID conversion kit
    We really like the durability of this product and the fact that it is water-proof. Also, when you install it, it will go with your car electronics without making a code to pop up. You will not have any issues with its performance either, so all you can do is enjoy the bright and strong light coming from your headlights and the feeling of being safe while driving.
  • Some things we don’t like about this product
    We do not like that this kit does not come with a relay harness which can slow you down with the installation.

4. Morimoto H7 Elite HID Kit System

Morimoto H7 Elite HID Kit SystemThis kit is fully-equipped with everything you need to make a proper installation and safe use. Morimoto’s HID kit comes with 2 ballasts and they are both specifically guaranteed by the manufacturer. The 35W has 5 years warranty while the more powerful 50W goes with 3 years.

  • What we like about this HID conversion kit
    There is one specific thing that we really liked – the complete kit that you will make use of. You will not only find the obvious units like the bulbs and the bulb wires, but also a heavy-duty double relay harness. If you wonder why we think the harness is so important to us, let us just say that if you have it, then you will not need to spend money on an anti-flicker capacitor. The harness itself has an in-built capacitor and therefore can be used in the same sense.
  • Some things we don’t like about this product
    We found out that some German car owners get errors when they install this HID kit. The headlight failure reading can be a big setback especially when this product is so expensive.

5. H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System

H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit SystemThis is another great kit from Morimoto which has almost the same specifications as the one we have already mentioned. The bulbs and the guarantee remain the same as well as all the other practical components like harness and wires. But the difference is the input plug type and from there the performance is enhanced.

  • What we like about this HID conversion kit
    We really liked the plug and play install and the improved mounting options with this kit system. Also, the instructions are clear enough to do the installation process on your own. And with the H11 you will get a better view on the road because these bulbs are much brighter than the others. In addition, the bulbs lumens output is 4200 per bulb which proves how powerful these are.
  • Some things we don’t like about this product
    Morimoto’s products are well-known for their quality but also for their prices. So, we think that this kit is a little overpriced.

6. H1 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System

<imgclass=”size-full wp-image-2550 alignright” src=”” alt=”H1 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System” width=”350″ height=”350″ />You may have noticed that we are still going on with Morimoto’s kit systems because when quality is concerned, we just cannot give them a miss. This H1 HID conversion kit comes with a pair of XB35 and XB55 ballasts, a double relay harness designed to withstand a continual use and high quality bulbs.

  • What we like about this HID conversion kit

The outstanding performance of this product is the reason why we give Marimoto’s kit system a strong preference. The beam patterns are excellent, there are no hot spots or dead zones and you get a true white color. Moreover, the design of this conversion kit will let you see the major difference compared to other products using H1 because it warms up faster than them. Hence, you will get a better performance and guarantee that the unit will do the job. Just remember that this is not a conversion kit for the high or low beams, it is for you car’s headlights.

  • Some things we don’t like about this product

We do not like that you may need to fix up the wiring so that it matches your car’s specifications. Also, although the relay is not necessary to be used, with Marimoto’s HID kit system you will not be able to skip that step.


hidkitIn a perfect world, it would be nice if you just go down to your local auto sports store or get online and buy the first model HID conversion kit that you see and that kit would work nicely for you. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world when it comes to buying HID headlight conversion systems.

There are many important factors that must be considered when you’re making your HID conversion kit purchase. Some of these decisions are made for you by the characteristics of your vehicle and other ones can be chosen by personal preference.


One of the first things you must do before looking into buying an HID conversion kit for your vehicle is to make sure you are not entering into this change lightly. There are both good and bad ramifications that could come from this decision.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of converting your current headlight configuration into one that incorporates Xenon bulb technology:


  • They give off a much brighter light than other types of headlight systems
  • This, in turn, will help you see better and be safer as you drive at night
  • They draw much less power from your vehicle than other forms of lighting
  • Xenon bulbs are an excellent extended life product


  • They can be very costly to install especially if they are not plugged and play versions
  • They can be very time consuming to put on
  • There is a lot of gray area as to their legality in many places

HID Conversion Kit functions

The Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying an HID Kit

Once you have convinced yourself that buying an HID conversion kit is right for you then these are the important characteristics of those systems that you should highly factor into your buying decision:

  • Vehicle make & model
    When you start to shop you will have to know the make and model of your vehicle so make sure you have this information handy. Not every system will retrofit onto just any type of vehicle. The more compatible an HID conversion system is with your make and model vehicle the better it will work and the easier your installation will be.
  • Price
    Price is usually a factor in any buying decision you will make and it’s no different when it comes to purchasing an HID conversion kit for your vehicle. We have found that there is not a lot of correlation between price and quality when it comes to Xenon vehicle lighting systems. The most expensive ones are not always the best and there seem to be some real bargains on some great conversion kits in the auto parts marketplace.
    These also are an item that rarely if ever exceeds $100 in price so most people can afford to be picky and get the exact type of HID conversion kit that they prefer.
  • Color
    There is simply no part of the HID conversion kit buying process that is more misunderstood than color. People oftentimes think the ‘k’ at the end of a particular color Xenon light system indicates how bright it is but this actually could not be further from the truth.
    All the different colors you can buy your HID conversion kits in will all give off the same amount of light or lumens. The ‘k’ at the end of a particular color spectrum is a measure of heat. It is the amount of heat that makes a Xenon bulb appear to be white, purple, blue or any other color in nature.
    Here are the approximate heat scales for the different colors that a particular HID light system produces:
  • 3000K = Yellowish
  • 4300K = Bright white/yellow
  • 5000K = Purest white
  • 6000K = Bright white/blue
  • 8000K = Blue/White
  • 10000K = Light blue
  • 12000K = Medium blue
  • 15000K = Dark Blue
  • 20000K = Violet
  • 30000K = Indigo

You will also have to note that there are other factors in an HID conversion system that affects light color too. So there is a good chance that the color of each heat rating will be slightly different between different model HID conversion kits too. When it comes to defining color it is definitely not a one size fits all scenario.
Make no mistake about it there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to the legality of installing Xenon based headlights on your car. If you want to draw less attention to yourself then you want to choose a color that is as close to a conventional white light as possible. Sure reds and blues look better because they are much more vivid and stand out but they will also catch the attention of the authorities much quicker too. So be smart when choosing an HID color for your particular conversion.

Best HID Conversion Kit

  • Ease of installation
    This is one you definitely do not want to overlook in the HID conversion kit buying process. You want the kit you buy to be as close to plug and play as possible. One that is not will give you fits trying to install it and you may even end up paying a professional to install it for you.
    You also want the kit you buy to include everything you need too. You don’t want to have a problem and then wait for such things as resistors and capacitors to arrive so you can finish your installation properly.
  • Vehicle use
    The way you use your vehicle can also be a big factor in the type of HID conversion kit that you choose. If you have a vehicle that is strictly for show, then putting a few odd color lights on it will be perfect. The same is true if you are one of those people that a vast majority of their driving is done during the day. If you use your vehicle off-road than you also have very few restrictions as to the color of the HID kit you choose but then you have to consider if the kit is water-resistant and well-built. So you definitely have to factor the main type of driving you to do with your vehicle into the HID conversion kit buying process.



HOW TO INSTALL HID CONVERSION KITThis for sure is not an easy question to answer because each manufacturer does a little different thing with the design of their system. With that being said, there are some basic characteristics that each HID conversion system will have in common.

Overview of the main parts of a typical Xenon headlight system installation:

  1. Step: Find an HID conversion kit that is as compatible as possible with your make and model of vehicle. This is particularly important because it will make your installation go much smoother. Failure to do this may result in you having to pay a professional installer to do the job for you.
  2. Step: Read the conversion kit instructions thoroughly before even attempting to do the job. Make sure you have all the necessary parts and tools to finish this process. This step cannot be emphasized enough.
  3. Step: Remove the components on your existing headlight system that you will no longer be using. If you followed step 2 as you should have you will know exactly what should stay and what needs to be removed. As a rule of thumb never throw anything away until the entire installation is completed and working properly.
  4. Step: Insert the new HID bulb casing into their proper sockets in the back of the headlight housing. It is absolutely critical during this step that you do not touch the bulb itself; wear gloves if you have to. Touching the bulb can actually ruin it or force it to become bad prematurely.
  5. Step: Closely follow the instructions in the owner’s manual and install the ballasts and wiring that are required to run the system. This must be done accurately or it can give you fits later on.
  6. Step: thoroughly test the new HID lighting system you just installed. Pay close attention to any flickering of the new lights that you see or any discrepancies in the color between them. At this stage, you may also need to add capacitors or resistors to make your new system work right.
  7. Step: Make sure your headlight chamber has a properly installed casing that directs the beam of light your new system produces down at the road. This will help illuminate any legality issues that you have with your new Xenon bulb headlight system.

As we stated before no two kits are created equal. Some just include the parts mentioned above and the bare basics, while yet others will include such parts as capacitors and resistors that may become necessary to use to get the system to run right on your vehicle.


HID Conversion Kit reviewsMany of you have probably heard more than once that in some places the HID headlight technology is illegal and it is true. That probably makes you wonder why thousands of people are still buying these kits then and that is a very logical path of thinking. The truth is there are a lot of gray areas in these laws and even more gray areas in how they are enforced.

Will you be pulled over instantly if you install this on your vehicle? Chances are that if you have installed them correctly you will not and that means encasing the lights in a projection style fitting that aims the light down on the road as it should be. If you have the lights just randomly installed any old way and the beam goes all over the place you certainly will attract some unwanted attention that will most likely get you pulled over.

We don’t have time in this article to go over every state’s individual laws regarding the use of Xenon headlights. It would take an article ten times the size of this one to do that and another article on top of that just to clarify it all. It is a complicated scenario at best. We are also not advocating you to break any laws.

There is a certification that does make the use of HID conversion kits legal to use on your vehicle but in order to obtain this certification in an aftermarket setting it can be very expensive. Some kits do come with the required “ECE R99” certificate stamp on them but even that is no guarantee it will make your particular HID conversion road legal in your state.

Authorities will usually consider two things when it comes to the legality of your conversion to an HID headlight system:

  • An entire headlight placement is changed with a design that is thought to incorporate HID technology into it in a compliant manner.
  • Your new conversion is assessed by a proper inspection station to be in compliance with state laws and given a new ECE R99 rating.

As we mentioned obtaining these things can be very pricey and also can take up a lot of your valuable time too.

What we are saying is that it’s true many people use these HID conversion kits on their cars. Not all of them are used strictly as headlights either. Xenon light systems make excellent fog lights and can also be an excellent illumination source for many other lights that are found throughout your vehicle.

We are advocating that whatever you do you just need to be smart and courteous when you are doing it and you will probably not be bothered at all as you drive around at night seeing the road in front of you lit up brighter than ever before.

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There is no current system available that will light up your way as brightly as a Xenon bulb properly directed down at the road in front of you. Being able to see better at night will also help you to be more alert to your surrounds and help keep you safer too. That is the very reason why so many people choose to install these kits despite the gray areas as to their legality. Just make sure if you are one of the people that decide to install one of these you get the best headlight xenon conversion kit available and install in a manner that won’t affect other drivers on the road.

We hope you found HID conversion kit reviews useful and welcome your comments.

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