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6 Best Spray-in Bedliners – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

Every truck owner needs a reliable set of accessories and equipment for maintaining his truck. As you look after your truck, do you also ensure that the truck bed is protected? This is where the need for the best spray in bedliner comes in. A bedliner is what shields the inner surface of the truck bed from any damage. It creates a skid-free surface so that the cargo stays in its place and does not harm the truck bed.

With a spray-in bedliner, you should first prepare the surface before you apply it. It gives the surface a durable layer that protects it from all outdoor elements as well as wear & tear from cargo. But what exactly should you look for in a spray-in bedliner? What are some trusted spray in bedliner reviews that you must read before buying one? The answer to these questions and any others is what we have for you in the following sections.

Best Spray-in Bedliner Reviews

1. U-POL Raptor Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

U-POL Raptor 8 Quart Kit - Black Urethane Spray-On Truck (1)The U-Pol spray-on bedliner kit comes with the Raptor Standard Hardener and the black bedliner base. This is a 2.1 VOC 2k protective urethane coat that can be used on truck bed surfaces as well as surfaces made of metals, fiberglass, and aluminum. All you have to do to use this bedliner is add the hardener, shake well to mix and spray. You can also brush it or roll-on the truck. It is a flexible liner and no wax is required after applying it.

The kit comes with enough spray for 2 applications. You get 8 bottles of the bed liner base 750ml each. There are 2 1L bottles of the Raptor Standard Hardener. With this kit, you also get a bedliner spray gun with gauge and regulator. For using this spray-on bedliner, the ratio of the bedliner base to the hardener should be 3:1. It is waterproof and helps to deaden vibrations and sounds.

2. Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit,Black (1)The Herculiner Bedliner is a ‘brush-on’ product. With this, you also get an application brush and 2 rollers for a simple coating. This is a polyurethane-based product. To prepare the truck bed for applying it, an abrasive pad is included. You do not have to use any other product to prepare the surface. You should apply 2 coats to get enough coverage.

This bedliner is 5 times thicker as compared to other roll-on bedliners. It provides a textured polyurethane coating to prevent skidding and protect the surface. You can use this bedliner on concrete, wood as well as metal among other surfaces. Before applying this product, you must thoroughly clean the surface and mask off any areas where you do not intend to apply it. 1 gallon of this would cover an area between 55 to 60 sq ft. It is resistant to oil, gasoline, solvents and most chemicals.

3. Custom Coat Metallic Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

Custom Coat Black 0 (1)This spray-on truck bedliner is easy to use and offers a tough and abrasion-resistant coating. In this kit, you get a bedliner base, a custom coat standard hardener as well as an application gun. You can also apply this bedliner using a brush or roller for getting the desired texture. It protects the surface from rust, corrosion, extreme temperature, stains, and UV damage as well. You can use it on concrete, aluminum, metals, fiberglass, and many other surfaces apart from truck beds. The mixing ratio of bedliner base to hardener is 3:1.

Application is simple, you just need to add the hardener, shake and spray it. You do not have to wax after applying this. It is flexible, waterproof, and dampens vibrations & sounds. Do note that before applying it, you should lightly scuff the surface and ensure that it is free of any rust and dirt.

4. Seymour 20-041 Truck Bed Coating

Seymour 20-041 Truck Bed Coating (2)If you are looking for the easiest to apply bed coating, then this is it. The Seymour 20-041, unlike the other products we talked about, is just a spray-on can. You do not need anything else to apply this. It is a thick black sealant that will form a durable layer on your truck bed. It can withstand high impacts and protect the surface from rust, abrasion, and corrosion.

The truck bed coating is also water-resistant. It has a quick cure time and comes with an excellent degree of adhesion. Once applied, the coating takes around 1 hour to dry out. You must give it around 4 days to completely adhere to the surface. Before applying this coating, it is recommended that you clean the surface thoroughly. A coating by the Seymour 20-041 will also make your truck bed resistant to temperatures as high as 300F.

5. Raptor UP4885 Bedliner

Raptor UP4885 White Bedliner (1)The Raptor UP4885 bedliner is ideal if you are looking for a quick hasslefree solution. You do not require any spray equipment- simply spray the bedliner on the required area. The aerosol application is quick and easy since you do not have to do any ‘clean up’ after using it. You can either coat the entire truck bed or use it for spot jobs and repairing small areas, especially since it is available in 7 different colors. It is ideal for both DIY consumers and professionals.

This bedliner gives the surface a ‘textured gun’ finish. It is a polyurethane-based product. This makes the surface resistant to rust, corrosion, and water. This is also UV resistant. The coating that you get from this product is durable and will protect your truck bed for a long time. You do not need any specialized spraying equipment as it comes in an aerosol can.

6. Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit 3-gallon Black with GUN

Linerxtreeme spray on Bedliner Kit 3 gallon Black with GUN (1)The Linerxtreeme bedliner kit gives the surface a semi-gloss finish that is durable and long-lasting. Due to its great adhesion quality, the surface gets UV damage protection as well. You get a spray gun in the kit. There are 2 reducer cans included with the kit that also act as the cups for the gun. A 3-gallon kit is enough to do an 8-foot truck bed or 2 short bed trucks with a generous application.

With the black bedliner, you do not require any additional products like a primer. This is an epoxy-urethane blend. To prepare the surface before applying it, you need to clean and can degrease it using wax or any lacquer thinner. The only thing you must remember is that you should mix a single 1.5-gallon kit at a time- not the complete 3 gallons at once.

What is Spray-in Bedliner?

A bedliner is what you would use to protect the inner side of your truck bed from damage. It also creates an anti-skid surface so that you can transport cargo safely. A spray-in bedliner is a type of bedliner that requires some preparation to let the coating adhere to the bed. This not only makes the bedliner more effective but also increases its lifespan.

The most used spray-in bedliners are polyurethane-based. The preparation of the surface involves a process known as sanding, which creates a base for the polyurethane to bond. This ensures that the bedliner stays even in the most extreme weather conditions.

A spray-in bedliner can be used for other surfaces- including the fenders, floorboards, trim, and the nerf bars. Some sprays are also applied to the entire vehicle. It helps protect the surface from rusting, chemical contamination, and scratching.

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Spray-in Bedliner Buying Guide

A spray-in bedliner is effective only when you apply the right product and follow the correct steps. To help you with both these things, we have compiled a list of the most important considerations and features to pick the right one.

What to Consider While Buying a Spray-in Bedliner

  1. Will you be applying the bedliner yourself or taking professional help?

    There are many DIF friendly spray-in bedliners in the market. You can go the DIY way if you have enough knowledge and follow the instructions. Doing it yourself is not that hard. However, if you do plan to seek professional help, then you do not have to worry about the bedliner being DIY friendly.

  2. How much surface area are you planning to cover?

    A spray-in bedliner is mostly used on the truck bed. However, you can cover other surfaces of your vehicle as well. Most of the bedliners that we have talked about contain enough product to cover 2 applications on the truck bed for even the largest of pickups.

  3. Do you have the accessories/tools required to apply the bedliner?

    As you may have guessed from the name, you will need a spray gun with a spray-in bedliner. You will also require a gritting paper. If you do not have these tools, then look for a bedliner that includes everything as part of the package so that you can avoid additional purchases.

  4. What is the color of the surface you will cover?

    Just like any vehicle add-on or accessory, color compatibility must be considered here as well. With spray-in bedliners, your available choices are limited to shades of grey and black. Since truck beds tend to get, dirty, darker colors are a better choice. If your truck is black, a grey bedliner can be a good choice to add some contrast.

  5. Do you have any accessories that maybe impacted by a bedliner coating?

    Truck bedliners generally do not cause any issue with installing other accessories like 5th wheels, campers, etc. However, if you have any accessory that comes with a low installation tolerance (1/4 inches or less) then you must check compatibility from the manufacturer before installing it. In case of accessories like a 5th wheel plate, you should be able to reinstall it after applying the bedliner. You can also coat the plate and other accessories for more protection.

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6 Important Spray-In Bedliner Features & Specifications

  1. Durability

    The main purpose of a bedliner is to survive the wear and tear that comes from carrying cargo. It also must protect the surface from extreme weather and outside elements. But that is not all that it has to endure.

  2. UV Protection

    UV Resistance is must for a truck bedliner. It is going to be outdoors for extended periods- and one of the most effective ways to ensure that your truck bed is protected is to get a bedliner that offers protection from the sun’s UV rays.

  3. Ease of Application

    Most spray-in bedliner kits come with a spray nozzle that links to an air source. Some kits also have tools like abrasive paper and sponges, this helps to make the entire process easier. If you have never applied bedliner before, go through their manuals to understand the process well. They will help you save time, effort, and avoid many common problems.

  4. Sound Dampening

    A truck bedliner can also help to deaden the vibrations and decrease the noise created. This is helpful as you regularly transport cargo and want to avoid the noise that is generated, especially on bumpy or uneven roads.

  5. Resistance to Substances Like Gasoline and Chemicals

    A truck bedliner that is resistant to chemicals and gasoline greatly improves the life of the surface. It allows you to transport a range of cargo without damaging your truck bed. Most manufacturers will provide a list of the products the bed liner can endure once applied.

  6. Versatility

    Can you use the bedliner on other areas of the truck? A lot of people prefer to cover more than just the truck bed with a liner. Not only does it give the surface a coarser matte finish, but also prevents the body from debris, rust and ensures more durability. Before buying the bedliner, check if it can be used on other parts of your truck as well.

Drop-In v/s Spray-in Bedliner

Bedliners are of 2 types- drop in and spray-in bedliner. Before going further, let’s see what these 2 types are and what each of them offers.

drop-in vs spray-in bedliners

  • Drop-In Bedliner

    A drop-in bedliner is a plastic shell that fits your bed. Applying it is easy- no preparation is required, and you can simply place it on the truck bed.

    • Pros:
      • Removable: A drop-in bedliner is removable. If you want to swap it or do not require it anymore, you can just remove it without any hassle.
      • Affordable: Drop-in bedliners cost less than spray-in bedliners
      • Protection from dents: A drop in liner protects the truck beds from dings and dents when cargo is loaded/unloaded onto it.
    • Cons:
      • Water/dirt can get trapped: Dirt and water can get trapped between the plastic shell and truck bed. It can create a lot of mess if the rust formation begins there.
      • Not as pleasing to look at: For some people, a drop in bedliner is not as aesthetic. However, this varies depending on your preferences.
      • Cargo may slide: The surface of these liners can be quite slick. This means the chances of your cargo sliding around during transit are higher.
  • Spray-in Bedliner

    With a spray-in bedliner, the application involves spraying or rolling on the product on your truck bed. Extensive preparation is needed before applying a spray-in liner. This is essential paint, which means the surface preparation is of extreme importance.

    • Pros:
      • Increase durability: These bedlliners are composed of a polyurethane mix. They are thus more durable than drop-in bedliners and can last for years. It is very difficult to damage this bedliner.
      • Decreases cargo sliding: A spray in bedliner provides an anti-skid surface for the cargo. It is rubber-like and rougher as compared to plastic bedliners.
      • No gap between the truck bed and liner: No dirt/water collects with it as there is no gap between the liner and the truck bed. You directly spray it on the bed leaving no space for any dirt/water and rust formation.
    • Cons:
      • Permanent: You cannot remove spray-in bedliners as easily as drop-in liners.
      • Cost: Spray-in bedliners are a more premium choice as compared to drop-in liners. They are thus more expensive.

5 Benefits of a Spray-On Bedliner for Your Truck

As a truck owner, you should use a bedliner to keep your truck bed protected. If you are not sure why, here are some of the benefits of a spray-on bedliner.

  • Protection from Corrosion
    Under the paint job of your truck is a metal frame. The paint shields this metal frame from water and air- both of which can cause rust. As you carry cargo on the truck, a lot of stress is put on the truck bad. Any wear & tear of the paint job exposes the metal and leads to corrosion. A spray-on bedliner provides an additional tough layer to your truck bed and protects it for many years.
  • Protection from UV Radiation
    If you live in a place where summer temperatures go high, then you already know about the harmful effects of UV radiation on your vehicle. With time, it makes your truck look worn out. UV radiation cracks the paint and fades it. A spray-on bedliner that offers UV protection protects it and ensures that the paint lasts longer.
  • Maintains Its Value
    The resale value of your truck depends on its condition, and a truck that looks worn out or damaged will have a low resale value. A spray-on bedliner reduces the risk of damage and any wear & tear on the truck bed. This helps to preserve its value for several years.
  • Creates a Non-lip Surface for Cargo
    While transporting large items, you will want to ensure maximum protection for them. Spray-on bedliners prevent any shifting during transportation. This not only protects the cargo but also keeps the truck bed safe from any damage due to moving cargo.
  • Decreases Maintenance Cost and Effort
    With a spray-on bedliner applied on the truck bed, you do not have to worry about any further maintenance for a couple of years. No need for dealing with chipped paint or any dents. It decreases the amount of repair that your truck will need considerably.

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FAQS and Answers

  1. Q: Can a spray-on bedliner get damaged? Is repair possible?
    A: Truck bedliners are made to be tough. They can withstand a lot of wear & tear, stress, and chemicals to protect the truck bed. However, if some damage to the truck bedliner does occur, a quick respray can fix that.
  2. Q: Can I apply bedliner myself?
    A: Yes, spray in bedliners application is easy since it just involves spraying the product on the surface. If this is your first time, you can go for bedliners sold in aerosol cans. All you have to do is prepare/clean the surface and spray the bedliner on it. If you are experienced or willing to put in some more effort, you can get a spray-on bedliner that you first have to mix with a hardener. The bedliner can then be applied with a spray gun or a brush’
  3. Q: How long does a spray in bedliner take to dry?
    A: After you have completed applying the spray in bedliner it will dry out in an hour. However, after that, there is a cure time of 24-48 hours, varying as per the product. You must wait for this time to allow the bedliner to fully adhere to the surface and give you all the benefits it was intended for.
  4. Q: Can having a sprayed-on bed lining installed violate manufacturer’s warranties?

Wrap Up

With the best spray in bedliner, you can rest assured that your truck will be safe from almost all outdoor elements and harsh conditions for years to come. Many of them offer a lifetime guarantee as well. After the initial application, you may only have to do a touchup once every few years. With just a day’s worth of effort, your truck will get a durable and tough protective layer for a long time.

Since truck bedliners are permanent, you must do your research before applying one. These spray in bedliner reviews have been curated to ensure that you consider all the important factors and finally, make an informed choice. Use this buying guide to get your truck a trusted and durable coating that will endure even the most extreme of conditions and keep the truck bed free from any damage.

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