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5 Best Touch Screen Stereos – (Reviews & Ultimate Guide 2021)

If you are not familiar with touchscreen technology for your car you are missing out on something special. It is the safest and easiest way by far to operate the car audio, built-in phone and the other entertainment in your vehicle. You can use the built-in phone, change a CD or even play a movie with a gentle touch of your fingertip.

What is the best touch screen car stereo? Only you can decide that but we can certainly help. In the touch screen car stereo reviews, we have made a list of the absolute best buys in touch screen car stereos and will describe them in detail for you. We will also provide you with helpful things to look for when shopping for your new touch screen car audio.

After taking a look at many touch screen car stereo models we found these to be exceptional buys:

Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

1. PIONEER AVH-X2800BS Touch Screen Car Stereo

We told you on the last review that Pioneer makes excellent touch screen car stereo products so it is a brand that placed several different models on our list here. This one is as good as any of them when you take a closer look at it.

It all starts with an excellent 6.2-inch WVGA backlit screen display. It made for a very clearly readable screen at all times. The unit also has a built-in 13 channel graphic equalizer which makes it easy to adjust the sound to your car’s own acoustics.

  • What we liked about it
    The hands-free calling and audio streaming both work excellent on this model touch screen car stereo. It is also very simple to hook up a backup camera to this unit if you purchase one separately. The voice recognition controls work really well when used with the Bluetooth. It is moderately priced for all the features it has too.
  • Some potential drawbacks
    Sometimes we found the videos did not play right when hooked up through the USB port. We also experienced some problems getting the timer switch on the dimming feature to work properly.

2. Kenwood DDX770 Touch Screen Car Stereo

Kenwood is one of the leading manufacturers of car audio equipment and they have earned a great reputation for making reliable and very good functioning car touchscreen stereo systems. This one we tested does nothing to hurt that reputation. It is an excellent piece of car audio equipment.

The quality of this product starts with the big 7-inch crystal clear touchscreen display it features. This is larger than most of the units we reviewed here. It also acts as an AM/FM Bluetooth receiver and it can receive CDs and DVDs too.

  • What we liked about it
    One thing we really liked about this unit was the fact it came with a backup camera that automatically turned on and displayed when you put your vehicle in reverse. That was a very nice touch. Another very good feature is the display off button. If you hold the mute button down it will turn off the lights on the display yet leave everything working.
  • Some potential drawbacks
    As will all products it is not perfect in design. At 15.5 pounds we found it a little on the bulky side and it may be tough for some to find the room to install it. We also noticed that the screen gets hard to read even when just a little glare hits it. The Bluetooth feature works but it is not always as clear as one would like it.

3. Pioneer AVH-210EX Digital Media Car Stereo Receiver

You can really improve the quality of your car audio by adding this fine Pioneer touch screen product. We really liked the way such features as the Bluetooth connection and how easy the touch screen menu was to navigate around. When testing it you could tell a lot of thought went into this excellently designed product from Pioneer.

You can also browse your music library wirelessly and you can do the same with your smartphone files too. It even lets you take direct control of either an iPad or iPhone of yours too. That was nice little touch right there.

  • What we liked about it
    Excellent clarity to the voice calls made through it. This is not always the case with other touch screen car audio systems we looked at. The Bluetooth connection seems to work flawlessly most of the time. The touchscreen is very responsive and the quality of the CD sound is exceptional. Many quality features for the price you pay.
  • Some potential drawbacks
    We were not super happy with the quality of the DVD playback but that is not something that is limited to Pioneer model touch screen car audio units by any means. The volume control switch is located in a funny place because the setting is hard to read because your hand is slightly in the way as you adjust it.

4. Kenwood DDX25BT 2-Din in-Dash DVD Monitor Bluetooth Receiver

This DVD monitor comes again from Kenwood but this time with different size dimensions of 9.45 x 7.09 x 4.33 inches. In addition to being compact, the product’s manual will keep you away from the hassle from the installation process and save your time. With its 6.2 inches wide, this DVD player is just what you need to have in your car.

  • What we liked about it
    What we really liked about this unit is its compatibility with iPhone, Apple and iOS 8 software. This means that you can easily synchronize and play your favorite music or videos without the need of extra cables. Also, the built-in Bluetooth technology will let you talk all through your daily commuting without worrying about your safety in the car since your hands will be free to steer the wheel. Another thing that grabbed our attention is the rear RCA video output so that you can connect other devices or separate monitors to the unit.
  • Some potential drawbacks
    There are a few things that were a matter of concern. The product’s software tends to be a little slow which can be an issue. Also, it doesn’t come with an auxiliary input.

5. Pioneer AVH-210EX WVGA Display Multimedia DVD Receiver

This is an exceptionally highly rated touch screen stereo control that Pioneer has put out. We agree wholeheartedly with many customer reviews that were written about it. It was a very good touch screen stereo product that has a variety of useful features.

The very responsive NEX interface built into it works really well, to say the least. Commands entered into the system easily even when only a light touch was provided. It has a unique two Bluetooth hookup where two different phones can be used by the system at the same time.

  • What we liked about it
    The WVGA screen resolution the monitor has was among the nicest we had seen in all the models we had tested. The Bluetooth and iPhone integration are superb and overall it is a very good touch screen car stereo for the money you pay for it.
  • Some potential drawbacks
    One thing we thought was misleading and that even though it said the screen was 7 inches it was much closer to 6 inches. When installing the product we think pioneer could have lowered the number of connections to the unit also. Some apps do not work well consistently on this device too.

6. PIONEER AVH-X5700BHS Double Din Head Unit

This is definitely one of the best touch screen car audio products from Pioneer. They have done a great job with this car audio unit and pretty much everyone who buys it also raves about. We here were certainly impressed too.

When connected to the Bluetooth or an iPhone the communication between the device and the car stereo is very good. This is one of the more expensive touchscreen car stereo units on our list but we think it is worth every penny.

  • What we liked about it
    It’s a very affordable unit for all that it gives you. It has an excellent two camera system built into it including a backup camera that works great. Being able to adjust the colors on the main theme of the display was a nice touch too. This is one of the better anti-glare screens on any of the touch screen car audio products we tested.
  • Some potential drawbacks
    A few of us here thought the radio signal was a little too weak and could use some improvement. There were also some issues with the USB reader as it did not always download the information that was attached to the port.

What Are The Benefits Of A Touch Screen Car Stereo?

Before we get to the list of some of the touch screen car stereos you can buy its best to go over some of the many benefits that owning a touch screen car stereo gives you.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Touch Screen Car Stereo

Here is a list of the key attributes of a touch screen car stereo:

  1. Safety
    Best Touch Screen Car StereoHave you ever found yourself fumbling around with your fingers trying to change the channel on your car audio or turn up the music? If you have you know how hard it can sometimes be to work dial or pushbutton car stereo controls. It can also be dangerous when you look at your car stereo buttons trying to correct this. Well with touch screen audio you don’t have to work so hard to control your car stereo and you will be much less distracted as you drive because of it. Many touch screen car stereos will also let you add a backup camera to the system. This will further enhance your safety when you drive by giving you the ability to see behind you clearly when backing up. No more looking around your kids’ heads or trying to see what is piled up in your back seat.
  2. Convenience
    With a touch screen car stereo, you have everything under control with your car entertainment with just the touch of a fingertip. Controlling your car stereo does not get any more convenient than that. You can use the built-in phone by voice activation once you press the button for it and you can also switch easily between CDs.These days’ touch screen car stereos can also even play downloaded music and movies. The ease you can search and play your choice of entertainment is so much simpler than ever before.
  3. Bluetooth Compatible
    Touch screen car audio not only can be controlled by simply applying light pressure to the screen but it can also incorporate blue tooth compatibility into the mix. Once your Bluetooth is activated then there are certain things you can do just by voice activation. Bluetooth capability enhances your car stereo experience even more by adding yet another dimension to it.
  4. Dual-zone listening
    dual zoneDo you have a family that has trouble agreeing on what to watch or listen to on a trip? Well, that is no longer a problem if you have a touchscreen stereo installed in your vehicle. Many of these will allow you to play one form of media in the front of your car while another form is played in the back. Many times with advanced touch screen features in a car audio system you can listen to soothing music as you drive while at the same time your kids are watching their favorite DVD. Dual-zone listening capability gives you and your family a bunch of options while driving and helps keep everyone happy as you travel.
  5. Bright/Easy to Read Screen
    Years ago before touchscreens in automobiles became popular all you had to look at on your car stereo screen was a very small and hard to see digital channel number. This was also dimly lit which made things even worse when it came to visibility. Nowadays car stereo displays are vastly different. Touchscreen displays are among the brightest and most colorful car stereo displays you will find. Many even allow you to change the current color scheme and adjust the brightness of the display for even better viewing. So now trying to see the screen does not mean you have to take your eyes off the road for so long or get frustrated trying to find something on the car stereo you want to listen too.

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Bottom Line

If you really are serious about buying the best double din head unit then this article should help. Both the informational buying guide and the touchscreen stereo reviews we highlighted should point you in the right direction for finding the best touch screen car stereo for your needs.

Take your time when shopping and make sure you look at all the individual features a touch screen car audio unit has for the price they are asking. Keep in mind you can never go wrong purchasing any of the models that were reviewed here too.