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6 Best Truck Tool Boxes of 2021

The best truck tool box is an essential accessory for contractors and hobbyists alike. Whether you need to haul tools or hunting gear, these boxes provide space and security.
Truck tool boxes protect your expensive and vital tools from the elements. They make it easy to find spanners and wrenches quickly when you need them most. Tool boxes also ensure that thieves don’t get away with your gear and keep the truck tidy and neat.

However, choosing a quality tool box for your truck is tough considering the number of options on the market. We’ve researched the top brands to help you optimize your efficiency regarding work and lifestyle.

Before heading to the market, it helps to read truck tool box reviews. It will help you gauge users’ feedback and identify the best brands on the market. This article also contains a comprehensive buying guide and much more!

Best Truck Tool Box Reviews

1. Weather Guard 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box

Weather Guard 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle BoxYou might not like the price of the Weather Guard 127502. But it is one of the few tool boxes that can outlast your truck. Solidly built to defeat the elements and thieves, this durable aluminum box will keep your tools safe for years.

This crossover truck tool box is clear-coated to give the aluminum a fresh and long lasting appearance. It comes with a tamper-proof retracting latch and lock system that is almost impossible to break. And there is a sliding tray and a plastic container where you can keep small items.

This durable tool box features hydraulic cylinders for easy lifting of the heavy lid. The lid is airtight and watertight, ensuring your tools are in pristine condition. It has a fully weather stripped powder-coated finish that keeps the exterior like new.

This tool box is heavy, sturdy enough to support the weight of a 250-pound man. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage BoxThe Undercover SwingCase truck bed tool storage box is an affordable and yet high-quality product. The outstanding feature of this product is its ease of use. With the pull of a release lever, you can retrieve tools from this box without getting into your truck bed.

This versatile truck storage box is durable, long lasting, and lightweight. The ABS plastic construction means the box is weather resistant. Its compact design leaves ample space in your truck bed.
This flexible toolbox allows you to carry your gear while saving your truck bed space. It is easy to install, and mounting and dismounting requires no tools.

You can mount this tool box on the driver or passenger side for easy access to essential tools and supplies. It comes with a secure Twist-lock that provides keyless access to the box.
This product is 75 pounds of premium quality backed by a 1-year warranty.

3. TruXedo TL – TonneauMate 1117416

TruXedo TonneauMate ToolboxDo you own a full-size truck? The TonneauMate 1117416 is a sturdy truck tool box to safeguard your gear and essential supplies. This heavy-duty storage box features a robust design ideal for heavy loads.

The elevated mounting design allows you to install the storage box directly over the truck bed. This saves truck bed estate and frees up the entire floor for heavier payloads.
The TruXedo TL is a versatile piece of equipment. It is compatible with varieties of truck bed covers, including Lo Pro, Deuce, and several others. Because it stays directly under the truck bed, this box offers more security.

Made from a durable material, this storage box is lockable and provides 100% protection against inclement weather. The adjustable mounting allows you to place it in the front, middle, or rear of the truck beds. If your truck has a composite, flareside, or stepside bed, this tool box may require clamps.

4. ARKSEN 49″ Aluminum Toolboxes

ARKSEN 49 Aluminum ToolboxesWeighing only 31 pounds and measuring 49 inches long, ARKSEN’s aluminum toolboxes save valuable truck floor space. It can provide the protection your tools need to last decades. The heavy-duty textured aluminum construction delivers impressive durability and ensures the product can withstand rough handling.

This tool box features a fold down door for easy access to your gear. Its inbuilt lock keeps your belongings safe. This storage box is ideal for use on the truck bed and at home.

Unlike most truck tool boxes, this design mounts under your vehicle so you have all the truck bed for hauling other things. Moving the box is easy thanks to comfortable, built-in carrying handles.

It also has a protective cap that prevents the entry of moisture into the lock. This improves the longevity and security of the box.
While this box is not a high-end product, it is affordable and serves its purpose.

5. Yaheetech 30-inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Tool Box Organizer

Yaheetech 30 inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Tool BoxIf you have a low budget, this30-inch heavy duty aluminum tool box is an ideal option for your truck. Despite its modest price tag, this storage box features a solid 1.3mm aluminum construction with a stylish chrome finish. It comes with an overlapping lid design that is weather-resistant, which prevents leakage and premature rust of your tools.

Like the product above, this truck tool box has a five bar design which offers improved durability and strength. The box also comes with two durable side handles for easy transport and moving. And a built-in lock buckle with two keys helps to secure your tools and other important gear.

Reviews show that despite the relatively basic design of this tool box, the rivets can hold their own against theft. However, we won’t advise you to store valuables in this box. For its price, this storage box is ideal for keeping everyday tools and supplies.

6. UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box

UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck BoxUWS is a big name in the truck tool box industry. Its TBSM36 side mount tool box combines practicality with security. This tool box gives you more control over your truck bed space, allowing an efficient arrangement of other items.

The extra-thick aluminum construction of this box provides immense durability, sturdiness, and longevity. Its stainless steel lock delivers almost undefeatable security, ensuring villains don’t cart away your valuable work supplies.

This truck tool box features a foam-filled RigidCore lid, a high-strength protection that is weather and tamper-resistant. The heavy duty lid is strengthened to prevent warping and bending for seamless access to the box. There is a MicroSeal gasket on the lid to prevent entry of moisture, dust, and bugs.

The key-operated paddle handles are reinforced for longevity and corrosion resistance. Self-opening struts provide easy access when your hands are occupied. The tool box is available in different sizes and finishes.

Tool Box Buying Guide

Choosing truck tool boxes is difficult for many people for a lot of reasons. Besides the large number of products on the market, it is often difficult to determine how secure or durable a storage box will by looking at pictures.

This handy buying guide will help you choose a truck tool box suitable for your needs. We look at the most important questions to ask before choosing a storage box for your truck. This guide will also outline essential features and specifications to check when shopping for truck tool boxes.

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9 Considerations When Buying a Truck Tool Box

Here are things to consider before buying a truck tool box:

  1. Measure Your Truck and the Box

    Before you check tool boxes online, you want to measure your truck bed. Doing this will help you determine the dimensions of the product and the one that best fits your vehicle. Otherwise, you may end up with an undersized or oversized truck tool box.

  2. Choose a Style

    Truck tool boxes can be crossbar or chest styled. The most popular style for contractors and many homeowners is the crossbox because of their easy installation. Crossbar tool boxes also offer more real estate in the truck bed.

    Side-mounted tool boxes provide easy access from the side of the vehicle. They are also usually more affordable.

    If your truck has a tonneau cover or you plan to add one, you are better off with a chest box. An advantage of the chest box is that it doesn’t obstruct your rear window. It is also usually more spacious than crossbox-style boxes.

    However, a chest box reduces the space on the truck bed because you have to bolt it to the floor.

  3. Check the Durability

    A quality tool box should stand the test of time. The best brands construct their boxes from steel for its exceptional strength, durability, theft prevention. However, steel is susceptible to corrosion, especially if you live in a coastal or highly humid area.

    Aluminum is lighter, doesn’t rust, and delivers almost the same sturdiness of steel. However, aluminum boxes are more expensive although they will probably last longer and are easier to move.
    If you need a box to store everyday tools and are low on budget, a solid plastic box will serve you well.

  4. Consider Your Roof Accessories

    Do you use a camper shell or roof top tent with your truck? Make sure the storage box you want to buy won’t interfere with the use of the shell.

    So long as the box doesn’t interfere with the shell’s mount points on the bed rails, you should be fine. When in doubt, measure the box’s overhang before purchasing.

    If you are planning to camp out in your truck, check out this guide for the best roof top tent on the market.

  5. Installation Process

    Most truck tool boxes have a simple installation process. But a few brands may require you to modify your truck bed in the form of side drillings. Consider the extra cost of professional installation and the effect of the modifications on your warranty before buying.

  6. Consider Security

    If you plan to keep expensive gear or valuables in your toolbox, consider getting a premium model with a best-in-class latch and lock system. Look for products with sturdy sidewalls and a reinforced lid difficult to pry open.

  7. Consider Weather Resistance

    Apart from protection against theft, a quality tool box should protect your valuables and gear from the elements. This means getting a product with sophisticated weather stripping and prime quality latches and hinges. The lid should also prevent any entry of moisture, dirt, snow, sand, and insects.

  8. Corrosion Resistance

    Another vital feature is rust protection. You don’t want to invest in a $500 plus tool box only to have it rust after the paint peels off. Get a brand that uses a durable, corrosion-resistant material or provides adequate protection against rust.

  9. Ease of Use

    Your truck tool box shouldn’t take extra strength to open or close. The best models come with hydraulic or pneumatic lifts for quick and efficient opening and closing. Latching the lid should also be stress-free. You also want a lock that is straightforward and dependable.
    An ideal tool box needs to have ergonomic handles for easy mobility. And the box shouldn’t unnecessarily obscure your rearview.

truck tool box buying guide

6 Most Important Truck Tool Box Features and Specifications

Here are some of the most important features and specifications to check before buying a truck tool box:

  1. Lockable Lid
    An important feature for truck tool boxes is a lockable lid. This allows you to secure your tools and valuables with a padlock to prevent theft.
  2. Adjustable Straps
    If you intend to change the position of your truck tool box frequently, get one with adjustable straps. This will make it easy to secure the storage box to your vehicle rather than having to bolt and unbolt it every time.
  3. Lid Gaskets
    If your gear and tools are susceptible to rust, invest in a storage box with a lid gasket or rubber seal. Just like the one on your refrigerator’s door, the lid gasket keeps the interior of the box watertight and keeps out dust and vermin.
  4. Foam-Filled Lid
    This feature makes the lid lighter and stronger. It will also make operating the box easier by preventing bending and warping.
  5. Internal Compartments
    To keep your tool box neat, get one with internal compartments or dividers for easy organization. This will help you better arrange your tools and gear, free up space, and reduce the chances of damaging your things.
  6. Color-matched Powder Coating
    Choose a toolbox with a powder coating that matches your truck’s paint job if you love uniformity and style. You can also go for a different color or black powder coat if you prefer contrasts.

Types of Truck Tool Boxes

It is important to know the different types of truck tool boxes available on the market. Note that there isn’t a standard industry naming nomenclature for truck tool boxes. So there might be no uniformity in the labeling regime of different manufacturers. Below are the most common types of truck tool boxes:

  • Crossover Truck Bed Tool Boxes

    Also called top-mounted or crossbed truck tool boxes. These types mount behind the cab and rest above the truck bed rails. They come with single or cabinet-style doors and offer the highest amount of storage space.
    Top-mounted tool boxes are common with contractors, especially on plumbing and welding trucks. They often cover the entire width of the truck but don’t reach the floor. So you have more real estate to store larger objects.
    While they offer ample space, crossover tool boxes often require you to enter the truck bed to retrieve your things.

  • Side Mount Truck Tool Boxes

    As the name implies, these boxes mount conveniently on the sides of your truck bed, providing easier access to your gear. Side mount tool boxes tend to be longer, with some spanning the full length of the bed. Thus, they can accommodate longer tools and gear such as rifles and related stuff.
    Side mounted tool boxes are usually more affordable compared to crossbed storage boxes.

  • Chest Truck Tool Box

    These are the common tool boxes that you place on the truck bed floor. Most types are small-sized and easy to carry around. However, larger models can reduce the amount of floor space for hauling payload.

  • Hitch Truck Tool Box

    This tool box is ideal if your truck has a trailer post because that is the mount point. They save truck bed floor space and are convenient for everyday work because of the easy access.
    However, hitch storage boxes often come in small sizes. And they are usually out of sight, which reduces their security.
    Meanwhile, here is a *weight distribution hitch buying guide* to help you safely tow with your truck.

  • Specialty Tool Boxes

    You can also go with specialty tool boxes of different shapes and sizes if you need more storage space. Some can be mounted behind the wheel wells, on the trailer tongue, or even come with handles to be carried by hand on work sites.

Top 3 Benefits of a Truck Tool Box

The benefits of a truck tool box are many. We outline some benefits of getting a truck tool box below:

  1. Provides Storage Space
    The primary function of a truck tool box is to provide efficient means of storing your work tools and gear. Rather than keeping your spanners, screwdrivers, and wrenches lying in the truck bed, a truck tool box offers a safe way to store them. That way, transporting and moving your tools for work or storage is easier and faster.
  2. Improves Organization
    One of the biggest benefits of a truck tool box is that it keeps your tools organized. With improved organization, you can spend more time on productive activities.
    Tool boxes also reduce the chances of losing your tools and gear, making them last longer and delivering optimal worth for the money. They also make your truck bed tidy, neat, and free up space to ferry more cargo.
  3. Offer Weather and Theft Protection
    Truck tool boxes safeguard your expensive tools, gear, and valuables from thieves and the destructive power of nature. If you buy a lockable tool box, even determined thieves will think twice before attempting to tamper with your belongings. And quality tool boxes protect your tools from moisture, dirt, and vermin.

Ideas for What to Keep in a Truck Bed Tool Box

While a truck bed tool box is primarily used to store tools, you can keep so many other things in the box. The things found in people’s tool boxes often reflect their occupation, hobbies, location, and type of vehicle. Here are inspirations for items you can keep in your truck tool box:

  1. Basic Tools

    You can keep the following tools in a tool box:

    • Pliers
    • Hammers
    • Screwdrivers and bolt cutters
    • Wrenches and torques
    • Mechanic’s toolset for people who DIY their vehicle maintenance
  2. Basic Outdoor Gear

    These include:

    • Flashlight (LED or conventional types)
    • Rubber boots
    • Raincoat
    • Work gloves or rubber gloves
    • Tape measure
    • Rope
    • Padlock
    • Quick links or chains
  3. Basic Camping Supplies

    These include:

    • Multipurpose trash bags
    • Paper towels
    • Superglue
    • Duct tape
    • Cable tie
    • Assorted nuts and bolts for emergency repairs
  4. Emergency Supplies

    These include:

    • First aid kit
    • Jumper cables
    • Portable battery charger
    • Disposable painter’s overalls
    • Hazard markers
    • Tire sealant
    • Bottled water
    • 4-way lug wrench
  5. Other Things You Can Keep in a Truck Tool Box

    If you live in a place that experiences heavy snow, tire chains, ice scraper, emergency flare, survival blanket, and a travel survival shovel should be in your toolbox. For people who love off-roading, having traction pads, trail jacks, winch accessories, and portable air compressors in your storage box is a brilliant idea.

    Outdoorsy people can keep their camping and survival kit in a truck bed tool box. These include a bowie knife, butane lighter, binoculars, compass, knife sharpener, camping chair, and camp stove.
    Game lovers can store their rifles, fishing gear, and other supplies in the truck tool box.

    There is an endless list of what can go into a truck bed tool box. So long as you buy a quality model with a reliable lock system, your truck tool box will keep your tools, gear, and supplies safe.

FAQs and Answers

Here are common questions and answers about truck tool boxes:

  • What tool box style is the best?
    It depends on your purpose for buying a truck tool box. If you need a spacious truck bed floor, crossbar style tool boxes are the best option. For easy access to tools and supplies, side mounted boxes are ideal. Chest boxes offer the largest amount of storage space.
  • What is the proper way to measure my truck bed?
    When measuring your truck bed, note the bed wall height. Measure the length and width of the truck bed and the distance between the bulkhead and the base of the wheel wells.
  • Will my aluminum truck tool box rust after a long time?
    No, aluminum doesn’t rust, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its shine. However, steel will rust if you expose it to moisture. Stainless steel is also very resistant to corrosion but will rust eventually, although not as fast as ordinary steel.

Wrap Up

Whether you are a contractor or a passionate hobbyist, a quality truck tool box is a worthy investment. Investing in the best truck tool box will keep your truck orderly. And it will also protect and secure your valuable tools and gear.

You only need to know the brand, style, and size of the truck tool box that suits your work habits, hobbies, and location.
In our truck tool box reviews, we’ve tried to provide all the information you need to choose a reliable truck tool box with confidence. Now, you can easily determine the essential features to look for in a tool box before choosing one.

We’ve also covered how to organize your truck tool box and the various cleaning methods to keep it new for longer. You can check online for several videos on how to install a truck tool box, maintain it, and more.

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