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Optima DS46B24R YellowTop Prius Review

Optima Batteries 8171-767 Yello Top Prius Car BatteryThe Optima DS46B24R YellowTop Prius Battery is one of the best power solutions for heavy-duty applications. It delivers an impressive premium starting and deep cycle power and one of the highest internal resistance on the market.

This battery is specially designed for vehicles that require high power consumption. It is ideal for off-roaders who want to blast music in the wilderness or perform in the comfort of nature. Drivers with high wattage car stereos and camping lights will enjoy the reserve capacity of this power pack.

Optima’s DS46B24R YellowTop battery has a cold cranking amp of 450 Amp, which is sufficient to start most Prius models even in the depth of winter. It tolerates extreme vibration and has an internal resistance of 0.0046, allowing it to survive shocks and rough handling.

You can drain this product and fully charge it multiple times without failure. Don’t let the mention of the Prius in the description fool you. This YellowTop battery is a dual-purpose model that can meet the demands of power-hungry audio and electronic systems and other automotive gadgetry.

The Optima YellowTop battery features the reliable Absorbed Glass Mat technology. This makes it lighter, maintenance-free, and more tolerant of deep discharge compared to traditional car batteries. The product is spill-proof and leak resistant. Its sturdy case allows you to mount the battery in almost any position on your vehicle without fear of damage.

Optima claims this battery can provide up to three times longer life compared to flooded alternatives. This YellowTop car battery can also deliver 15 times the vibration resistance of regular models. And it recharges faster. You can discharge and recharge the battery over 300 times before it loses power.

Optima’s SpiralCell technology allows this YellowTop battery to deliver reliable performance in extreme temperatures. It is compatible with a wide range of high-demand applications, including tractors, forklifts, and accessory-heavy trucks. You can use it with vehicles without dedicated chargers, cars with inverters, and trucks with winches.


This Optima YellowTop car battery has a lot going for it, considering the positive reviews it receives from buyers. It uses the more efficient AGM tech and offers great deep cycling capabilities. Here are some benefits of this product:

  • Lightweight Design

    At just 26 pounds, this battery is on the lighter side of the scales. Despite its modest weight, the Optima YellowTop Prius battery can support power-draining car appliances with ease. The battery is also compact, making handling and mounting easier and more flexible. This allows you to use it in different vehicles since it fits easily into most battery compartments.

  • Impressive Cranking Ability

    This battery is designed to get you to your destination without failure. It may not have the highest cold cranking amps, but it delivers a reliable 575 CA. This is enough to provide quality performance in normal weather and driving conditions.

  • Ideal for Aftermarket Electronics

    Optima was not joking when it claimed this battery is one of the true dual-purpose models on the market. The product not only has an impressive starting power, but it has enough juice to light up most aftermarket electronics.

    It can power stereo systems, chargers, inverters, TVs, bar lights, navigational systems, dash cams, and many others. That is probably why the battery is a favorite of many campers and outdoor lovers.

  • Extended Warranty

    This battery comes with a 3-year warranty, a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality. The long warranty period gives you peace of mind to enjoy your purchase without fear of losing money should it fail prematurely.

  • Easy Storage

    Another great thing about this battery is that you can store it without trickle charging. Even if you kept it for months without use, you don’t have to recharge the product in storage to start your engine at a go.

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This YellowTop car battery has some flaws, including:

  • Low Reserve Capacity

    This battery comes with a 66-minute reserve capacity. This means it will take an hour and six minutes to discharge the battery to 10.5 volts if you are drawing a constant current of 25 amperes when it is fully charged. The figure is lower than the reserve capacity of many competitors, but the battery has so many other qualities that compensate for this shortcoming.

  • Warranty May Be Difficult to Claim

    Many unsatisfied customers have found the warranty policy a bit cumbersome after their batteries died within one or two years of purchase. However, the overall experience of many users has been positive.


Optima’s DS46B24R YellowTop battery delivers a bundle of power, cranking amps, and features a solid construction. The dual-purpose model is ideal for power-hungry car accessories and offers an impressive flexibility for users. If you always need to charge your mobile devices on the go, this battery is a great choice.

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