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XenonPro Portable Jump Starter Review

XenonPro’s JS1003 portable jump starter with air compressor option is our editor’s #1 recommend device on the market.

Boasting exceptional power, a new-generation lithium battery with 20000 mAh, patented SmartBoost jumper module, premium-grade jumper cables, and an industry-leading lifetime warranty, the best jump starter has never been easier to find.

xenonpro jump starter


  • Powerful 800/400 amp peak/starting current
  • New-generation lithium battery (20000 mAh capacity)
  • Ultra-lightweight (1.1 lbs.) and small-sized
  • Heavy-duty copper-tip jumper cables
  • Advanced safety features for safe and easy boosting
  • LCD display to monitor voltage and battery
  • LED flashlight
  • 2 USB ports to charge electronics
  • Portable air compressor option
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Compatible with 12v, 16v, and 19v batteries
  • Cannot start very large cars and trucks

Peak Amps & Battery Capacity

Table imageThe most important features to look out for when buying a jump starter are its power, as measured by ampere (amps) and the jump starter’s battery capacity measured by milliamp-hour (mAh).

If the jump starter isn’t powerful enough, it won’t have the strength to start your car and if the capacity is low it won’t last very long and get drain too quickly.

The XenonPro JS1003 has an impressive peak/starting amp rating of 800A/400A, especially for its small size and weight. That’s enough power to get almost any car, SUV and truck started.

Very large SUV’s and trucks may require 1500A or more, depending on the engine size and how badly the battery is drained. If the JS1003 won’t get your car started, you probably need a new car battery.

The battery capacity is one of our favorite aspects of this device. Packing a new-generation lithium-ion battery, this car battery booster boats a whopping 20000 mAh. That’s enough to boost over ten cars in one shot or to charge your cellphone up to 8 times!

SmartBoost Jumper Cables

Besides the awesome new-generation lithium battery, we also love the jumper cables that come with this device. Unlike your average jump starter cables, these come with an advanced SmartBoost module, which makes jump-starting your car easier and safer.

With this module, you’ll be protected against reverse polarity, short circuit, over-charge, reverse charge, and sparking issues. Not only that, the module will let you know if the cables are connected properly and when to crank your engine. Pretty awesome if you ask us!

Multifunction Features

Since we expect all jump starters to jump-start a vehicle, we like to see if any other features are included and to explore what they are. As we mentioned briefly earlier, the XenonPro JS1003 is feature-packed:

  • Two (2) USB ports to charge your cellphone and electronics on the go
  • Powerful 100 lumens LED flashlight to help you find that quarter under your seat
  • Practical LCD display to check battery life and to manage the voltage setting
  • Air compressor option to inflate your tire in case of emergency or to inflate a ball or air mattress


  • Peak Current: 800A
  • Starting Current: 400A
  • Battery Capacity: 20000 mAh
  • Price: $$
  • Voltage: 12v – 19v
  • Weight:01 lbs.
  • Size: 2” x 3” x 1.4”

Packaging & Contents

In case you didn’t think the XenonPro JS1003 couldn’t get any more awesome, it definitely can. This thing comes in a practical and ergonomic padded carry case. Each component is tightly secured in its respective slot and the case is so thin it can easily fit under a seat or in the trunk of your car.


Warranty & Service

Last but not least, the XenonPro limited Lifetime Warranty. This portable jump starter is covered from top to bottom, including components and accessories. Most products we’ve reviewed offer a one or two year warranty and some don’t even offer any at all.

You’ll also be covered by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund.


Overall, we absolutely love the XenonPro JS1003. From the competitive price point to the quality build and premium features and accessories, it is unquestionably the best of its class

Jumpstarters are like a first-aid kit for your car and they make for a great gift too. You’ll be thankful for having one next time your car battery dies, need an emergency flashlight or want to charge your electronics on the go.